In October 2011, my husband and I purchased our first house. Two doors down from my childhood home, hence the idea behind 'TudorsDown'. Neglect, abuse, and abandonment had taken it's toll on this once charming home I spent many of my childhood days. We put in an offer and waited. And waited. And waited. For six months. Finally, the house was ours and we got to work. And worked. And worked. And worked. Transforming our house into our home. And a pretty fine looking one at that (if you ignore the back yard).

Meet Me:
I have a passion for pretty things. And shiny things. When they are put together, my heart melts. I swear too much, drink too little, and have a thing for white ceramic owls. I love my family, both two and four legged.

Meet B:
"You know what we could do..." That's my B. My hubby that has a crazy amount of knowledge when it comes to any household project. He's my personal architect, electrician, plumber, HVAC technician, tree remover, furniture re-finisher, and cartographer. No joke. This man does it all, perfectly. Oh, and I love him to pieces.

Meet T:
 She's our daughter and partner in crime. She has a thing for brass and is constantly 'fixing' our house. What can I say, she's a product of her environment. You can make her smile with any of the following: knights, horses, lassos, cowboy hats, trains, and pretending to sneeze.

Meet Us:
Every week we travel to numerous estate sales, fleas markets, and thrift stores.We scour dirty, smelly basements and love every minute of it. We have found some amazing items which is how we've managed to furnish our house for cheap. We are all about adventure, donuts, and nightly dance parties in our kitchen.

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