Things have been hectic around here lately. T started preschool and is loving every second of it. B and I are moving forward with the transplant process and we are slowly getting closer to the big day. So much change and transition has happened to our family recently, that the blog has taken a back seat and I apologize. But I'm not too sorry. Our lives are busy and so much is up in the air that we are trying, really trying, to just focus on family. B's work schedule is nuts, I've been working on some outside projects, so we have really been missing each other, which has been hard on all of us. I'm not complaining though, because we all feel so lucky to be in the spot we are in. We have been tweaking our house here and there and have made some changes, so hopefully, I'll get the motivation to share all those changes soon. In the meantime, here is my newest chalkboard art:

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