Diabetes Sucks.

I have gone back and forth for some time as to whether I would ever bring up this topic on this site. But now I feel I have to.

B is a Type 1 diabetic. And it really fucking sucks.

He has been for quite some time (15 years) and it's really starting to take its' toll. Over the last two years, he has been experiencing some really scary eye problems that could eventually cause him to loose his eyesight. He is starting to not notice his drops in blood sugars, leading him to the point of almost passing out. His body is tired. And so are we.

B and I have always been super conscious as to what we put in our bodies (and feed T). We eat all organic produce and meat. All our other food is minimally processed and extremely low carb. We cook everyday, limit the amount of times we eat out, and spend a shit ton of money on groceries. When I first met B, I thought this was the solution to all his problems. Eat right and your body will follow. So not the case. Many, many things have an effect on B's sugars: stress, sickness, temperatures, fluids, activities, basically everything effects him. It's scary.

 B works a pretty strenuous job and is by himself the entire day.  I worry about him constantly. How's his sugars? Is he drinking enough? I hope he doesn't go low while driving. What if his sugar goes low and no one is around to help him? What if he has a heart attack? Stroke? What is his eye's hemorrhage again and he needs more surgery? What if this time it causes him to go blind?

And don't even get me started on thinking of our future. Will he be around? Will he be able to see? Will he still have his legs and be able to walk T down the aisle if/when she gets married? Will we be able to happily and healthily grow old together or will I become his live in care taker?

Yeah, that's kind of my day. But I'm crazy in love with the guy and would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

 But now all that worrying could stop.

B has the opportunity of a lifetime. University of Chicago is doing a procedure call Islet Cell Transplants and B has qualified for this surgery. Basically, Islet Cells are what's responsible for making insulin in the pancreas. This is not a cure all procedure and we will still have to be careful about his diet (we would be anyways.) and B will still have to take impeccable care of himself. He will have to be on strong anti-rejection medicine for the rest of his life, but this is so worth it.

But we need your help.

In order to continue on in this journey, we have to raise some money. Thankfully, the actual transplant itself is free, since they are still testing out some medication for research, but all the tests, lab work, and other lifelong medication is not. B has to spend a week in the hospital for the actual surgery itself and then after that, he is requires to take a month off work to heal. He is the sole provider for out family, and I have to be there to care for him. 

If you could, please take the time to read more of our story and donate if you can.Every little bit helps. If not, please subscribe to updates, leave some kind words, and keep B in your thoughts. Share our story, spread the word. The more people know about the horrible debilitating disease, the better. Hopefully U of C has found  a great medication that can help B and future Islet Cell transplant patients reduce the risk of rejection. Hopefully my family can stop worrying so much. Hopefully B doesn't have to be so scared anymore. Lots of hopes floating around our home lately. We are very excited around these parts! 

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