Taking things outdoors

All our time and energy has been spent outdoors lately. We are desperately trying to make a dent in our vast backyard:

This is a MAJOR improvement from a couple weeks ago. The 'dirt' area in the far back was covered in knee high weeds, sticks, and other garbage. We have a pretty large backyard for our area, which is great, but just mowing the grass seems like a major undertaking sometimes. We are almost to the point where we can start laying landscape edging and create a little something more than just a sea of grass and weeds. We have plans to add a walking path, some perennial beds, and hopefully buy or build a trellis to prettify the yard. The backyard seems to be bugging us a little more because now we see how ugly it all looks when we are dining outside on our NEW (to us) PATIO SET. Yes, that's right, we finally have a place to sit outdoors. After many, many headaches, B and I were finally able to pull together a nice little area to enjoy our meals and drinks outside.

This whole set up cost us under a $100. Yep, that's right. A little more if you add the plants. The table was given to us by B's parents, which we fixed up and spray painted black. We already owned the umbrella, that we scored at Target on major clearance last summer. We had a hard time finding chairs to go along with the table that was within our price range, but then I spotted these babies at Big Lots for $18/ea.

 I haven't set foot in a Big Lots in years, but I was desperate and was told their outdoor furniture was pretty nice this year. I love these chairs-simple, nothing fancy, and fit my metal/wicker wish list. They probably won't last more than a season or two, but hopefully when the time comes to replace them, we will have a little more money to save for something we love.

This garden cart is the perfect addition to our deck. B and I garbage picked it a couple weeks ago driving back from B's mom and step-dads house. The wood on top was completely rotten and the metal was a nasty green and rust color, but with a little TLC we were able to fix it up nicely. We used cedar fence slats for the wood because we wanted something cheap and weather resistance. This whole project was around $10 (we already owned the spray paint).

The blue chairs were also purchased last year from Target, and surprisingly, they are holding up really well. They just needed a good cleaning and they look good as new. The cats are big fans of those chairs. At least one is always lounging underneath them, taking cover from the sun. 

After finding this pot on the side of the road, we planted some strawberries and are already enjoying the first fruits of summer. I've never grown strawberries before. Anyone have any tips on how to care for them? Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated.

We have already enjoyed quite a few nights of dinner and drinks on our deck and can't wait to enjoy many more.

Lettuce grown and picked from our garden :)
I'm so excited to share our new vegetable planter tomorrow. B and I have seriously spent the past few weeks dreaming up ways to live more self sufficient and create a micro garden to feed the block. I am pretty proud of the fact that these veggies have been in the ground for almost a month now and not only have I not killed ant of them, they are actually growing and producing veggies!

Bring on Summer!

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