Outdoor Lighting

Our outdoor lights on the front of our house need to be replaced. The one above our front door has wires that short out and the one above our garage is broken. Plus, I dislike them both so I will be happy to see them go. I'd like for both options to be black to tie in nicely with our black shutters and railing (that also needs replacement!)


Our garage light needs to be motion sensitive, but I am debating just adding at motion sensor kit to any light we buy after the fact. I'd leaning towards having both lights be matching for a more cohesive look. Do you agree? What light would you choose?


  1. A hanging light would look better over a door in my opinion, so #2 would be out. The others are all nice, but I think that Meg may be right about #1. None of them would be a bad decision, though.

  2. I'm also digging numbers #1 and #3!


  3. Nice! I like the #2 and #5. I use designer and antique lighting fixtures for my home decoration. Lighting fixtures should b beautiful as well as energy and cost efficient. I always use energy efficient lights.

  4. Nice. These outdoor lightings will add beauty, safety and security to any home. A well-designed lighting plan will dramatically change your new home's landscape.

    Thanks for sharing.


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