Happy Hump Day

Sorry posts have been a little fewer and far between lately. Like everyone in Chicago, I'm just so excited that it's finally nice out, and have been spending most of my time outdoors. Our backyard hasn't really been touched since we bought the house and we are itching to get it fixed up so we can actually use the space- which is nice because it's HUGE! Right now, it's one giant open plot of weeds. B and I would love to add pathways, perennial gardens, and maybe even a pond or two. I grew up with a great back yard that lent itself well to exploring and I want to give those adventures to T. Problem is, landscaping is expensive. I keep hoping someone will just come and redo my backyard. Where is Yard Crashers when I need them? (side note: how lucky are those people? Totally jealous!) But because Yard Crashers doesn't come to Chicago (I've looked) and my mom won't devote her life to my garden (the nerve!) I'm forced to come up with a plan (and the money) myself. Boo.  Yesterday, instead of working in my yard, I procrastinated and did this:

Idea taken from here.

So now I'm in search of some great gardening blogs. I'd love some how-to's, ideas on inexpensive gardening, and even some in my gardening zone (5, I think) so I can plant similar gardens with plants that will do well. Any recommendations? Websites I should check out? Any locals know some great garden store that has inexpensive materials? Divulge.

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  1. Oh! My friend Sarah @ For The Love Of Chow writes a really fun gardening blog that also talks about growing food, if you're so inclined. She does an amazing amount with a mid-sized yard. (fortheloveofchow.com)

    Your chalkboard door is so adorable! Love it!

    As a fellow Chicagoan, I concur that it's just so lovely to see the sun again. 'Cept for today. What is up with today?!



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