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This is what I have been up to lately:

No, I'm not staring at my end table, I've been busy reading all my lovely new designs books. All these book are amazing. Well..except The New World Guide to Beer. That's B's purchase from an estate sale. I think it is hilarious that the authors name is Michael Jackson. No joke-look closer.

B surprised me by giving me design books (of my choice) for my birthday. After weeks of debating which ones to order, I never pulled the trigger and ordered any.  So when we found out our house was going to be photographed, we knew we needed some books to fill that space because the previous stack of books had been moved to a different location. I am happy with every.single.book I ordered.

Here's is my quick rundown of each:

Hue by Kelly Wearstler- Ummmm. I love it, but there are no words. Only pictures. Which is great because I love Kelly Wearstler and am totally jealous of her amazing tastes and killer looks, but I spaced and forgot this book was just eye candy.

Downtown Chic by Robert and Cortney Novogratz- I like the Novogratz. A lot. I think I like them more as a couple than I like their design. Don't get me wrong, I like their ideas, but I love them. This book is great because it tells their story. It's more of a journal than a 'do this' design book. I actually borrowed this book from a close friend (Thanks Sarah!) and loved it so much I wanted a copy for myself.

Design Sponge at Home by Grace Bonney. This one is on every one's shelf, and for good reason. The house tours are brief, but fabulous. There is a section on floral arrangements-which is something you don't see often, but totally needed.

Undecorate by Christiane Lemieux- I loveloveloved this book. One of my favorites. I really gravitate towards the style featured here. I am in awe that some can leave a stack of frames in a corner and it looks fantastic. If I left a stack of frames in a corner it would just look like I forgot to hang some frames. But the homes featured in this book make rooms look flawless even though everything is far from perfect. It's effortless style and the writing is perfection.

And one of my absolute favorites:

Details by Lili Diallo- This one has a similar vibe to Undecorate. Effortless style and amazing insight. Lili used to work for Domino (sigh. oh how I miss thee) and her eye for style is very apparent. This one never made it to the stack of books on the end table because I've been keeping in on our coffee table, I love it so much.

Now that I am done reading these, I need some new reading. What are your favorite design books?

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  1. Hey Sarah! What kind of flowers are those?

    Don't have a favorite design book, but I'm going to check out the ones you got!

    1. Thanks Katie! The flowers are Peonies- they're my favorite!

  2. Those Michael Jackson books are awesome actually. The whiskey one is pretty great too.

    1. Meghan-
      B loves this book too! He's a big whiskey drinker so I'll have to pick that one up also. Thanks for the recommendation!


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