Kirklands: Sneak Peak

When I was younger, I was a bona fide mall rat. My mom would take my friends and I for a day of shopping and being the cool kids we were, my mom didn't shop with us. Instead, she went to her stores and we always met her at the same place: Kirkland's. Being the 11 year old I was, I thought that store was boring and smelled funny. Who would want to look at fake fruit and candles when you could look at bright colored bangles and buy candy by the pounds?

Fast forward 15 years later. We started decorating our home and we needed bedroom lamps. I couldn't find anything that fit our bill: yellow, gourd shaped, and a drum shade. Sure I was able to find something that met those requirements, but nothing that was in our price range. Getting frustrated, I turned to my mom, who quickly suggested looking at Kirkland's, her still-to-this-day favorite store.

Still having a bit of that sassy 11 year old in me, I scoffed at the idea, but decided to peruse their website anyways. Oh. my. god. What a difference 15 years makes. The items were modern, updated, and just as good as other retailers charging twice as much. Why have I stayed away for so long? I ordered a set of yellow lamps that are still living happily in our master bedroom a year and a half later.

So when Kirkland's asked me to participate in show casing a 'sneak peak' of new items that will be released this week, I was totally on board. I know and love the store, why wouldn't I do it. And I have to say, I am pretty pleased with these new items.

I like all these items but I lovelovelove the wooden star burst. I cannot tell you how much I want this. And no, I wasn't paid to say that. It's hard to find wall art that a- looks good and b-isn't crazy expensive. This is only $49.99 and I could see it fitting many places in my home. I'd love to hang this in our master bedroom for a little more warmth and interest.

The round mirrors, only $19.99, are so versatile. I rarely leave well enough alone, so I could see myself spray painting these a rainbow of colors for T's room.

The floor lamp, while very traditional, feels updated because of it's modern drum shade. This would look pretty in almost any ones living room. A friend of mine came over the other evening and commented on how relaxing and inviting our home looks at night. My secret? No overhead lighting at night. We rely on lamps and candles to create soft, subtle lighting throughout our home. One these in the living room would do the trick.

The Ellie stool is pretty neat because it's metal legs are a nice spin on the classic wood/upholstered bench we see everywhere. I like to put benches at the end of a bed because I feel it grounds the area. Best part? It's $99 price tag means you could easily afford to change the fabric to suite your fancy. Trust me, it's an easy DIY!

Here's a quick little mood board of most of these items placed in a bedroom. I like how the bench and star burst work well with each other and the black metal legs of the stool go nicely with the lamp base. Of course, this isn't all I'd place in the bedroom. I'd bring in pops of bright colors via accessories and such.


Enough of what I would do with these pieces. What's your favorite and how would you incorporate them into your home?


  1. I love the wood starburst! Your mood board totally gave me some great ideas for my bedroom.

  2. Love the starburst! Love the price even more. ;-) Guess I'll be hitting Kirkland's on my next shopping spree.

  3. I read your blog all the time, just never comment. I really liked the Starburst as well. I'm actually pretty sure I will be getting it to go on this giant weird wall in my living room. I need a round, non-glass, non-metal objection that doesn't reflect stuff (so glass framed stuff is out-- would reflect TV images in a distracting way because of the angles). This is perfect and has added benefit of bringing in wood tones from my connected dining room.

  4. I like the wood starburst! Would be beautiful over a console table in an entryway or at the end of a hallway.

    And I'd never heard of Kirkland's! I had to look them up and there are a few in the Detroit area, but none on the west side of Michigan. I'll have to keep my eye out while traveling :)


  5. Do you have a link to the starburst? I can't seem to click through, and when I went to the kirkland's website it didn't come up. I really want to purchase it. thanks!

    1. Here is the link:


  6. This made me laugh out load - I secretly love Kirklands. I'm pretty sure they have the same buyer as West Elm (they had the same apothecary jars for half the price, and the same owl stacking bowls). Plus, I somehow found these Orla Kiely Flower Blossom lamps for $15. Seriously! http://magiccitythistle.blogspot.com/2012/07/orla-is-that-you.html


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