Earth Day

Monday was Earth day, which is kind of a big deal in our family. My mom is a master gardener and me, well....I'm learning. But lack of skill doesn't stop me from enjoying gardening. Last year, we took our house from this:

To this:

This year we are excited to continue working on our ever progressing yard. I have the same mindset when it comes to decorating as I do with gardening: the perfect 'look' doesn't happen overnight. Allow things to evolve, change, and grow. Keep trying until you get it right.

As beautiful as those BIG yellow mums were, they won't be returning. They didn't make it over our harsh winter and we have already put something new in the right one's place. Hint: it's not a flower. Last year we laid the foundation of the garden, planting shrubs like azalea's and roses, and this year we are focusing on color. We have a lot of spots to fill in with annuals and I'm excited to have more money to spend on those this year. Shrubs and bushes aren't cheap!

Earth day was beautiful here. The sun was shining and it was quite warm, so my mom and I couldn't wait any longer to visit the garden center at Home Depot. This is what we returned with:

We were all so happy to be outside amongst the flowers (color, how I've missed you) and T was loving at the plants. She is an outdoors-y girl for sure. This year she had an opinion about what she liked (Red!) and what she didn't and couldn't wait to get home to help me plant. I wasn't looking for anything in particular but couldn't resist myself and bought all the flowers on the left side of the potting soil. My mom assured me that even though our frost date is Mother's Day, it would be okay to plant some pansies, phlox, and a couple other plants. Let's hope she's right! Did you do anything special on Earth day? T started soccer and stopped in the middle of practice to hug a tree. What can I say, she's our little hippie chick.

Check out our updated house tour!


  1. WOW...you can get adorable little girls at Home Depot????

    1. Who knew!? As soon as we saw her, I had to take her home! ;)

  2. You are right about taking time and learning from mistakes. I also understand how hard it can be when you do not have a lot of money to work with. I just did a post on how to maximize your garden as cheaply as possible. http://capeofdreams.wordpress.com/2013/04/23/maximum-garden-minimum-cost/


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