Yo Ho Ho and a party of FUN

The weekend before last, we celebrated T's THIRD birthday. Yep, somehow, against my wishes, she grew up. So instead of crying about how my baby is no longer, I poured my heart into creating a party for her that was full of her favorite things: Pirates. And party we did, 50 plus guests stopped in throughout the afternoon to eat, drink, and celebrate our little T. This girl is so very lucky to have so many AMAZING people in her life that made her party oh so special. Cue the picture overload.

Our pirate bar, where towards the end, everyone was three sheets to the wind.


I always like to have one alcoholic mixed drink and one non-alcoholic. This was a kids party after all.  We sipped on Poisoned Sea Water (lemonade, vodka, and blue curacao) and The Pirates Kiss (Pomegranate Limeade) I just made these names up, they are in no way formal. Please don't go to a bar and order poisoned sea water.


Our candy treasure bar. Guests could snack on Jolly Rodgers (Jolly Ranchers), gold coins, pirate loot (Rolo's), and black pearls (sixlets). Before leaving, guests could pillage the table and take their loot home in pirate cellophane bags.


The birthday girl herself.

A small snack table by our couch for sitting guests:

Upon entering our party, guest were asked to 'Dress yARRRRself'. We set our eye patches, pirate tattoos, face paint, bandannas, and beads.



On the floor next to the costume table was a treasure chest FILLED with pirate hats, swords, and more jewelry. I loved that the dress up was not contained to the small children. Adults and kids alike loved dressing up and lots of pirate speak was exchanged. 

Guest were also greeted by shipped wrecked pirates. Poor fellows, they never got to enjoy their treasure.

Our dessert table was set up in the living room. We are lucky to have such an open layout in our house because it makes entertaining a breeze. 50 people in our house and no one felt cramped. It also made creating little 'stations' throughout our house easy, causing guests to move and flow all while chit chatting it up.

before our amazing cake arrived

B built two 'X marks the spot' cupcake stands. It created an awesome backdrop for the amazing cupcakes.


To keep myself sane before such a large party, I had all the desserts made by an amazing local bakery, Sweet Annie's. They are the friendliest people on the planet and the desserts are even sweeter. Except for the cake, that amazing piece of artwork was done by my dear friend, Kaitlyn. This is just her hobby people, no formal training. I'm jealous.

Pirates even managed to take over our open shelving-  thanks to our friends Nannette and Jeannine who had pirate decor a plenty.

Our kitchen had pirate flags galore:

Small corners were not forgotten:

Even our fridge full o beer was labeled:

Side note: it's not a good idea to try and burn metallic paper. Not that I would know.

Our concrete counter was where we placed our audio system. Per T's request, our play list for the evening was Owl City and Fun.

I unfortunately didn't grab a good shot of the food table, which was probably my favorite part.

This was taken days before the party, but B and I created our tablecloth our of some old burlap. We painted a pirate map on it with a test pot of black paint.

I even managed to have something I found on Pinterest:



The kids loved these little Jello cups with an orange slice and pirate flag. Super easy dessert for the little ones. This was also the first time T tried Jello. We don't eat much processed food here, and things like Jello and pudding are non-existent in our home, so the texture was very different for her. But ingrained in all toddlers is a love for super sugary sweets and she managed to get over the texture issues pretty quickly.

Even though it was crazy here hours before the party, we did manage to get some great photos with our birthday girl.

Just dancing with a cucumber

Acting shy while we sang Happy Birthday.

MY FAVORITE PHOTO of the whole party. Because this is why we do this. Having everyone around celebrating with us was amazing. We have the best family and the best friends.

Overall it was a great day. I love throwing parties. Not only do I get to run wild with all my crazy ideas, but I love opening our home to all our friends. Getting people together to laugh, smile, and celebrate is the best. THE BEST. Nothing is better than memories from a great party.


  1. Eek! I've been waiting for this post ever since I saw a teaser on Meg's Instagram. You put on an amaaazing party! Everything is so cute and I love all of the details! T must have loved it!

  2. Super cute! I love all the details. Where did you get your apothecary jars? I'm on the lookout for some for my wedding, but can't seem to find inexpensive ones.

    1. Thanks Meg! The apothecary jars are from HomeGoods- they were all under $20.


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