Sneak Peaks

In the frenzy to prepare for our photo shoot, we tweaked and added a few things to get everything just right. Here are a couple detail shots of our house before the big day.

This amazing piece of artwork by Michael Litchfield:

That picture was actually just an Instagram picture he posted to Facebook. He kindly offered to print it for me and it's one of my favorite pieces. Anything can be art, as long as you love it.

This is a love letter B wrote to me about 7 years ago. At three in the morning in a 24hr restaurant in Indiana. On the back of a receipt. That's love, people.

I've held on to it ever since. I used to carry it around with me in my wallet, but when we installed our picture wire, I've displayed it proudly on that. 

We got stunning flowers from Homewood Florist:


All the flowers were amazing. The owner went to the flower market and hand picked flowers for us. We had peonies, ranunculus, tulips, hydrangea's and some other flowers I didn't know the name of. I was so thankful I was able to get the flowers I had envisioned. Peonies are hard to come by in late March, but we got lucky!

Let's talk about this chair:

It makes my heart flutter. It was actually B's great grandmother's chair and it was handed down to us. We painted it white (with permission) and removed all the old maroon fabric. We had every intention of reupholstering it, but when I placed a pillow and a throw over it, B and I were both smitten. We love the easy deconstructed look and it was the perfect addition to our bedroom corner. Plus, it was free! Eventually down the line we will have it covered but for now we are loving it as is.

We finally got a living room rug! Cue mega excitement around here.

It's from RugsUSA and we got a great deal on it. They always have a sale going on, but we waited until a 50% off sale (sometimes they even have 75%) and placed our order just in time for it to arrive before the shoot. Not only does it add warmth to a very cold space, but it is a great color that I think will stand up to the animals. We know it holds up to cat puke, because that my dear readers, is exactly what happened the first day it was in our house. Thankfully no more incidents since then, but if they should arise, I know I can clean them.

These were just a few things we added before the shoot and a lot more I haven't photographed yet. This weekend was the slowest weekend we had in a long time. We didn't do anything to the house or start any new projects. Well, we did installed fancy hardware on our new bi-fold doors, but that doesn't count. What have you been up too? Any home improvement project or ideas? Please share, because B and I need our fix- sitting around all weekend wasn't really our cup of tea!


  1. Can't wait to see the full tour - those flowers are gorgeous. Nothing like some cat sick to christen a new rug, ha!

  2. Which rug is that? It's lovely!

    1. Hi Rachel!

      It's the Netta Trellis rug from RugsUSA:

      We love it!

    2. Hi! I just discovered your blog and I love it. . . and I love your rug. Is it the Natural color on RugsUSA, or have they run out of the color you got? Thanks!

    3. Yes Christine, our rug is the natural color shown on the website. We love it! Thanks for reading our blog!


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