Mission Complete

Our end cap in the living room is finally complete. It's taken us months to get to the finish line, mostly due to procrastination and finances, but I am so glad we go there.

I absolutely love the finished result. It was super simple to 'finish' this end cap, giving it a mission style look. We bought eight strips of  lattice from Home Depot. I think the size is around 1/4 x 1 1/2. We also picked up a small 4ft section of baseboard for the top and bottom of the cap because we wanted something a little thicker with a little more weight to it.

Just for a refresher, here is what we started with:

B was happy because he got a new table saw for this project. We do so many projects around our house and B is seriously lacking in the tool department. Luckily, so many of our family members have a great tool collection which is at our disposal whenever we need, but like any handyman, B wants his own tools. We went with a Ryobi table saw since it was one of the few in our price range. So far, B has been really happy with it. We did buy a nicer blade because in the reviews we read, everyone stated the blade that came with it was no good.


The base board had a little decorative trim piece at the top, so we ran that through the table saw to remove the decorative part, creating a straight, simple board for the top and bottom. After measuring the the base and top, B mitered the edges and nailed the trim into place.

You can kind of see the base boards going into place.

B did a bevel rip cut on all the edges of the lattice.


Then I measured the length from the base board to the top trim piece and B cut the lattice to fit. We made sure the mitered corners lined up then glued and nailed them into place with a nail gun.

We like the way it looked at this point but decided that it was missing something. We took lattice trim and nailed a horizontal piece down by the baseboard, one at around 40'', and one at the top. This detail is more true to a mission style of framing.


 We filled all our nail holes in with this:


 We've used a number of DAP products for spackling and this was our favorite. After the spackle was dry, instead of sanding, I took a wet rag to smooth it out. Using a wet rag helps cut down on dust and it allows more of the wood grain to show through. We wanted to be extra cautious because this is the first thing you see when entering our house and we wanted close to perfection. 

After hearing that Clark & Kensington was named the top paint by consumer reports, we really wanted to give it a go and try it out. We went to our local Ace Hardware to pick up a gallon and test it on our end cap. B and I have not been happy with Behr, which is what we used to paint our entire downstairs with, so I was happy to try something new. We both love Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams (not to mention Farrow & Ball) but that price tag isn't always in our budget. We picked up a gallon of Satin designer white for around $30, which is cheaper than Behr by about $2.


 We didn't prime our end cap first since the paint is a paint + primer, and after three very light coats, our end cap looked like this:


B and I were really impressed with Clark and Kensington. So much so that we are using it again when we paint our bedroom. Added bonus for everyone that lives by an Ace- they are giving away a quart of paint to all customers this Saturday. You know I love a good deal, and it doesn't get any better than free. I would suggest everyone try it and no, they didn't pay me to say that.

Now that our end cap is done, our stairs looked even crappier. We have plans to replace the treads (one day, but that will be pretty pricey) and wallpaper the risers. B and I would also like to add board and batten to the walls similar to what Young House Love just did.
From the living room, our stairs are not visible so I just like to pretend there isn't an eyesore on the other side of the end cap. If I can't see it, it doesn't exist.

We are still chugging along with all our to-do's before Apartment Therapy comes.  Less than two weeks. 12 days to be exact. I am getting more nervous, excited, and frantic as the days go by. As excited as I am for this day to come, I may be more excited for it to be over!


  1. Everything is looking fabulous! I can't wait to see it in person :)

  2. That looks awesome! Might have to pick up one of those saws, too.


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