It's Over

B and I are now incredibly bored. We have no idea what to do with our time and have ran out of money for home improvement projects. Our Apartment Therapy shoot went great. Carolyn, the photographer, was super nice and sweet as can be. She didn't mind Porter jumping on her, Lace and Zephyr rubbing their faces in the camera, or T exclaiming, "Daddy doesn't have a vagina!"

yes. she totally said that.

We actually went to bed before 1:00 last night. We sat on the couch and enjoyed a glass of wine (or two.Maybe, three.) As much as I thought I'd be glad it was over, I'm really not. B and I miss the hype, the planning, preparing, and even the worrying. I'd do it all over again in a flash. I'm not quite sure when the photos will be up, but I am so excited to see everything.

The day before the shoot, I was really wondering what other people do to prepare for photo shoots in their home. Do they just make sure dishes are washed and call it a day? Do they iron every fabric in their home so it lays just so? Do people freak out and lose their minds? I totally envisioned myself doing just that, but to my (and B's) surprise, I didn't. I was waaaay more chill about the whole thing than I anticipated.

We did managed to tackle some projects that really made the house feel more polished. We painted our brown window/door a nice clean white:

We installed a new entry way light fixture, from Young House Love's lighting collection:

 and we even managed to paint the staircase. Which did at one point, include me crying.

I will break everything down in further detail in upcoming posts, but for now, B and I have been doing a lot of this:

Yes, I use Home Depot receipts as bookmarks. Don't judge.

Lots of posts and details coming up next week and after the photos go up on Apartment Therapy. We are so very excited and grateful that we had this opportunity and thankful for everyone who reads this blog and has cheered us on along the way. You're the best.


  1. Cannot wait to see all of the photos!

    And that is exactly why I paid someone to paint our stairs. I knew I would cry. Probably excessively. Particularly because we'd just had our floors refinished. Instead I went to work and came home to gorgeous-ness (and a big bill).

  2. Can't wait to see the pics!!


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