This is F*cking Awesome

It's not secret that I love to thrift. And estate sale. Garbage Pick. Craigslist. and any other form of purchasing old, vintage items that I can find. So when this challenge presented itself to me last Friday, I was excited. Like really excited. Finally a challenge I can excel at! I'll be in my own element! Imagine all the dirty smelling stores I can show the blog world! But I kind of failed. We not really, but my ideas didn't pan out to their full potential. Little T got really sick (like over 103 fever) and was glued to the couch for days. Needless to say, the Macklemore Challenge was not on my mind.

But, being the troopers we are, B and I (including our all-better T) loaded into the car last night and braved the FREEZING cold temperatures to complete our challenge. But not before taking our $20 picture:

Oh yes, I found a deer sweatshirt IDENTICAL to the one Macklemore wears in his video. How's that for amazing? And I rocked that Motha fucka! Actually wearing a deer sweatshirt in public is nothing compared to what I wore in my high school days (just think lots of piercings, pink mohawk, and almost no existent skirts) although B laughed like hell when I put it on. And I need to say that I am terrible at having my picture taken. Especially with a deer shirt and $20 bill. What do I do? Smile? laugh? try and look like a hard ass? Most of the time I just flashed a cheesy smile like so:

After that photo shoot from hell, we went to the trift store. Well actually 4 total, but the first three were so bad, we left with out taking any photos. Seriously, the stars were not aligned for us. We had some of the worst luck we've ever had. Finally, the last one pulled through for us.

We found some moccasins:

And B's future Christmas present:

My dreamboat
There were also so sweet stuffed turkeys (fake), a very large wolf howling at the moon print (awesomely real), and of course no thrift store would be complete without at least one person talking merrily to themselves. Even T was crazy excited to be thrifting. Not joking- she ran through the stores saying, "pop some tags! pop some tags!"

And of course this wouldn't be complete without one of us sporting a big ass coat:

 Since I'm 5'11'' it's hard for any coat to look too big on me, but I tried. Big coat + deer sweatshirt = awesome. I don't know who laughed more, B or the people watching us.

As fun as it was to take silly pictures, we did have a challenge at hand: spend that $20. We almost left with nothing until I spotted this in a corner:

B and I have a small wine collection and we are members at a pretty cool winery, so we have been keeping our eyes out for a wine rack. We wanted something simple, preferably wood, with slats instead of round cubby holes.  This 44 bottle wine rack was perfect for our tastes. This thing is solid.

 The price? $18. Well within our $20 budget. When we went to pay, the cashier gave us 30% off, stating there was a sale on furniture. I wouldn't consider this furniture, but I gladly took the 30% off bringing our total to just under $14. Sweet!

We may paint this down the road, but since we keep our wine in a closet, it probably won't be seen too often, so we may just keep it as is. As soon as I get it in our closet and stocked with our wine, I will show the updated pictures.

Did any of you participate in the Macklemore Challenge? If you did, I'd love to see your finds! Post a link in the comments please. TO CHECK WHAT EVERY ONE ELSE SCORED, ALONG WITH YOUNG HOUSE LOVE'S FINDS CLICK HERE


  1. I'm glad your perseverance paid off! And what luck with that rockin sweatshirt!

    1. I'm glad too! I would have been bummed if we left empty handed!

  2. Too awesome for words.


  3. I am visiting from the challenge, so first time to your blog... Epic scores! Are you Cooper's Hawk club members?

    1. Thank you! And yes- we are Cooper's Hawk club members. We love that place!

  4. Lucky you having that deer shirt. I'm now on the hunt for one of those! That 'big ass' red coat looks cool too. I would get that even though on me it probably would be a 'big ass coat' since i'm only 5'0 tall.


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