Pinterest Challenge!

It's that time again! It's Pinterest Challenge time! 


After seeing this tutorial on Pinterest time and time again, I knew this was the project I wanted to tackle for the Pinterest Challenge. I didn't want to craft, I can't decorate for spring until after the photoshoot, and I wanted to do something that would really change the look of our living room.  It's been one of my favorite upgrades to our house thus far. No joke. I love this upgrade more than our herringbone wall, more than our guest room tweaks, and even more than our concrete counter. Well, maybe not that much. But close. What could get me so excited, you ask? We finally hung our television. These are the things that make my heart flutter. Remember when I said it was the small things that matter most?

It's true. Just take a look:

Instant upgrade. Well instant in photographs. In real life it took closer to an hour or two. We started out with this:

I won't break down a super lengthy step by step because honestly this was something B tackled pretty much by himself. I was just the one who said things like, "higher, higher, too high. Lower it." But it was actually a pretty straight forward process.

First, we marked where our studs were in our wall. We wanted to attach at least one side of the bracket directly into a stud for more strength, so we were kind of locked in as to how far left or right we could hang our television. Meaning- our TV isn't directly centered on the wall. We barely notice it and anyone would be hard pressed to notice too unless I told you that it wasn't centered. Which I just did. go me. We also marked about how high above our credenza we wanted the TV to sit. I wish I could say I followed some rule or there was some formula to figure this out, but we just eyeballed what we liked.

B attached the mounting brackets to the back of the TV. No extra hardware was required for this step. We chose to buy our mounting kit from Target because we are always there and we get 5% off with the Red Card.

Then he attached the other bracket to the back of the wall based on the measurements we liked. We were able to get the right side directly into a stud. After everything was nice and secure, we started the wire hiding process. I've seen this done on Pinterest quite a bit like here, here, and here. We used these tutorials to make sure our ideas were on the right track.

We bought two of these brackets at Home Depot:

Then we cut a hole it the wall and attached the brackets. To do this, just cut a rough measurement, insert the orange bracket, then tighten the screw which rotates the tab and attaches itself to the back of the drywall. The reason we used these brackets and didn't just put the wires directly in the opening  was to prevent drywall from chipping when the wires rested on it. Also we wanted to attach a white plate that makes everything look more finished, which is screwed directly to the orange bracket.

We did this same step down by the floor next to the outlet.

 We fed the wires from the Tv in through the top hole, snaked them down the wall, and pulled them out through the bottom hole.

From here, all our hands were tied so picture taking was non-existent. The process was super simple. Attach wires to television, hang the television brackets to one another based on the direction provided by the mounting kit, and plug in. Boom. Done.

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  1. It all looks amazing!! Great job! I like the thoughtfulness of hiding the wires while protecting your walls.

  2. I love it! Awesome upgrade :)



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