I need Therapy

Big news people, big news. One month from tomorrow, Apartment Therapy is shooting our home for their site. Seriously, I'm kind of freaking out. It's been a little dream of mine that I've had for ages. After the first five minutes of dancing around, singing, and some high pitched squeals, reality set in. Photographs of my home will be featured on a very popular, very nationally known website. SHIT. Que panic. I blurted something out that sounded something like this:

And I'll tell you why. It's really easy to have a fabulous home when you have money. But there are months where we struggle to find any money to put into our home. Now it's B's slloooowww season and that money is non-existent. My dreams of what I'd love my house to look like in these photographs just aren't going to happen. But I'm okay with that. Actually kind of happy about it. Why? Because those dreams I have in my head are pictures of my home being finished. And I'm not ready for that to happen yet. I like the process of decorating too much for it to be over. We've only been here for a year and a half and I know it's going to take waaaayy longer for our home to be near completion. So I can't wait to welcome Apartment Therapy into our half put together, but still fabulous to us, home. Will everyone like it? Probably not. Will it be the best home to be featured? Not even close. But someone will like it. And I will be insanely proud of all our hard work. Que more dancing, singing, and some high pitch squeals. 

We do have plans to finish some things before they come. We have a couple big purchases (like a new rug and closet doors) we would like to make before the shoot and a couple smaller projects (like repainting our master) we would like to tackle. Who knows if everything will get done or purchased but we are incredibly skilled at doing a lot with very little. We actually thrive off it.

So in attempt to get the ball rolling we've been busy perusing Home Goods, Ikea, Home Depot, estate sales, and thrift stores. We have lots of ideas and even have bought some new things for our home, so expect a lot of quick updates on the blog over the next month while we are busy behind the scenes working on making our home just a little more finished.  And of course, lots of dancing, singing, and high pitched squeals.

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  1. Big Huge congratulations - thats so exciting! A agree, anyone can have an amazing house with wads of cash, but its the thrifted finds and DIY that gives a house personality.


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