Friday Ramblings

It's Friday and we are knee deep in planning T's third birthday party at the end of February. I can't believe she is going to be three. My oh my how time does fly. We let her pick the 'theme' of the party and lucky for us she choose a good one: Pirates. Imagine lots of black, white, and red going on in our house right now. We really use her birthday party as a deadline to finish random projects in our home. Touch-up paint, hang artwork, and finally fill up our wine rack:

This is the wine rack that we scored for the Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge last week.  We debated painting it, but ultimately decided to leave it be. Lots of wine bottles would be sliding in and out of this rack, so we were worried the paint may chip over time. We decided to put the wine rack in our guest room closet. Our guests won't have to go far to get drunk. Kidding aside, this closet is very cool, is usually dark, and not used too often. Currently it houses our coats, but we have big plans for a little reno involving some closets upstairs. Sorry to be vague, I hate when bloggers do that.

Yesterday, B had the day off work, so we took a trip to the Field Museum. It was T's first time visiting and B and I hadn't been in years. We had so.much.fun. Part of the reasons we love where we live is that we are so close to Chicago. Everything is at our fingertips. We explored Asia, Egypt, bugs, our planet, and so much more. T had a perma-smile the entire time. 

Well said, Darwin. Well said.
 It was nice to go and actually be able to teach T things. She is old enough to really grasp what is going on. Our word of the day: Evolution! T thought it was the coolest concept ever. She kept said she was glad evolution made the dinosaurs go away. :)

In mini project news, and because this post is a hodge-podge of topics, here is our next victim:

Sexy, I know.

While clouds, moons, and suns aren't our thing, we were happy to be given this solid wood doll bed  from a friend of ours. Her girls had long outgrown it and wanted to pass it along for more use. T loved it at first sight, clouds and all, but we have plans to completely re-do it. Bonus- we won't have to spend any money. So that is our project for today. What are you up to?

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