Bleeding Art

I mentioned last week that it was recently my birthday. I'm still waiting on placing a book order that was my 'big' present, but I also received this from B as well:

It's the Rococco-LA Flowering Heart Print from Fab.com. I saw it and was instantly smitten. B loved it and even T oohed at the pretty flowers. Order placed. It arrived just in time for my birthday and we ran to Ikea to get a frame for it. We settled on the square Ribba frame. These frames are my favorite and are crazy affordable. This one is about 20x20. We did have to have a different square mat cut to fit the art, but that was only $10. We hung it on our very large, very blank wall in our living area. I'd like to put a table or something on that wall, but the hallway that leads to the bedrooms may get blocked. For now, it will stay as is.

In other artwork news, while we were at Ikea, we picked up a few more frames for our huge collection of unframed art. This piece of art was purchased as a fundraiser for a surf film that a friend of a friend was creating. We had a hard time finding a frame to fit these strange dimensions, around 9''x24'', but Ikea had this new frame that worked perfectly.

We also got an 8''x10'' Ribba for this very old sketch we bought at an estate sale. It dates back to 1966 and we both love it. We got a couple more pieces from that sale that are waiting to find their way into frames.

 And we couldn't leave Ikea without picking up an insanely cheap Fiddle Leaf Fig tree. Design world, we have arrived. We have a fiddle leaf fig tree. Feel free to come photograph my now amazing house. Just kidding. Unless you want to come take pictures of our house, I would be eternally grateful. My camera sucks and we've made a lot of changes since our house tour, and some nice new photographs would be awesome. Le sigh. One day a new camera will cheaply fall into my lap. I can dream.

All this talk about artwork, frames, and photographing our home really kicked B and I into high gear planning the wainscoting that we want to add to our stairway. Once that project is finished, we are going to add artwork that spans the entire hallway area. We love art and want to have a lot of it in our home. A big gallery wall or two seems to be our only option for displaying everything we buy. I can't wait to start on that project! Anything you have in the works? Have you bought an Ikea Fiddle Leaf Fig? Is it still alive? I'm kind of nervous because I don't have the best of luck with plants, but I'm learning. I've got high hopes.

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  1. oh man, you have a fiddle fig!!! i want one so bad, but i heard they are harder to keep alive haha so i stayed away out of fear.

    and happy birthday, great art!!


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