Our little T is one very sweet child. She is caring, compassionate, and wise well beyond her (almost) three years. We had the most amazing Christmas and enjoyed the hell out of the weeks before the big day. This year T finally understood Christmas. While we aren't religious, we take believing in Santa very seriously, and were very excited to see Christmas through our child's eyes. T soaked everything in. Everyday was smiles, laughs, stories, and dancing while we decorated cookies, did Christmas crafts, listened to Christmas music non-stop, cuddled while burning endless amounts of Christmas scented candles, and enjoyed the season.  It was so perfect it made me sick :)

We asked T what she'd like Santa to bring her for Christmas and she said she only wanted two things, "A puppy that sings Christmas music and a toaster." Why only two things? Because Santa has a lot of girls and boys to bring presents to, she said. Cue a melting heart. The toaster was easy. We had our eye on this one for awhile and ordered it right away. As far as a puppy that sings Christmas music, well... we finally found one at Macy's. B and I don't go overboard on Christmas, but we wanted to make her something special that could be from us, so we set out a week before Christmas, to make a very ambitious big girl kitchen set.

Her current kitchen set was great for small toddlers, but T has quickly outgrown it and it was time for an upgrade. So we made her this:

I am in love with the way this kitchen turned out. I'll spare you the step by step because it's pretty similar to this kitchen set, but if anyone has any questions, I'll be happy to answer them in the comments below. We did make some changes and added our own spin on this kitchen like:
  • We made our kitchen set taller, better suiting it for our quickly growing girl
  • We used legs, purchased from Home Depot to add a more girly flare
  • Our biggest splurge was the counter top. We bought a high quality, stain grade piece of wood and stained the top a nice rich espresso color. I think this is my favorite part of the kitchen. Dark counter contrasts sooooo nicely with the light cabinet. 
  • We sprayed our 'oven' door with this stainless steel spray paint to create a more authentic look.
Here is the inside before all her play food was added:

It's hard to tell via photograph, but the inside left section is a pretty mint color. The right side is a rich navy blue. We didn't want to buy any paint for this project since we have so much accumulated. The color of the base is the same light gray that's in our master bedroom and on our herringbone wall.  The mint and blue were both test pots we had from previous projects or paint testing.

 Overall, this kitchen set cost us under $100, which isn't too bad because most quality,  all wood kitchen sets costs waaaay more.

Faucet: $20
Cabinet: $0
Mixing Bowl: $5
Burners (Trivets): $14
Wood Circle: $4
Counter top and Stain: $20
Handles: $0 - already owned
Metal Grate for Oven: $0- already owned
Wood for shelving: $0 -already owned
Paint: $0- already owned
Tap light: $0- already owned
Legs: $25 
Towel: $1
Wood Food, pots, and pans: $0 Some we already owned but most were given to T for Christmas from family members

Total: $89

This is a gift that will grow with T through her childhood years, so spending a little more for something that looks good and functions great doesn't bother us one bit.

Here you get a better look at her new toaster from Santa and that pretty pretty counter:

 Here she is unwrapping her gift (HINT: She LOVED it!):


Her kitchen set lives in her room, right under her bedroom window so she can see outside when she is 'cooking'.

Since Christmas, this kitchen has been played with every.single.day. No joke. T loves it. She loves all the working knobs, light, and space to cook. I love how busy it keeps her and really causes her to use her imagination. I remember my kitchen was my favorite toy for the longest time. B and I had so much fun planning, building, and constructing this kitchen, we already have plans in the works to build her a refrigerator- but this time, from scratch. She has amassed quite the collection of play food and needs a place to store everything.  I can't wait.

Oh, and I can't talk about Christmas without showing you this awesome photo I took of B when he opened his gift. He was so surprised and had no idea I would surprise him with the much wanted Tivoli Model One Radio.

This is his "is this really what I think it is?" face
Uhhh... I win coolest wife ever
Although I am very late on this, I hope everyone had a very happy holidays. Happy 2013 everyone!

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