Just Dance

In an effort to keep with my resolutions, T and I 'celebrated' Friday with a dance party. I got B this beauty for Christmas and I don't think there has been a more used present around our house. Seriously, this thing sounds amazing and makes dance parties much more exciting. I had nothing to do that afternoon- I finished laundry, dinner was already cooked, house was clean, so naturally, the only thing left to do was dance. Even Porter got in on the action. Our dance party was so awesome, I was compelled to write this on our chalkboard:

Best. Afternoon. Ever. I am so lucky to have a daughter who loves music almost as much as we do. Who can already tap to a rhythm and has her own opinion on the music she likes to listen to. These are the moments I live for, the moments that make everything worth it, the moment I forget about bills, to-do's, health issues, and almost everything else. I find it hard to believe there isn't a problem a dance party can't fix.


  1. Love this! We have that same radio (just in green) and we loooove it!

    1. Thanks! We actually got the Frost White/Snow White combo but for some reason the link is for the blue one. B's past job was an A/V tech so good sound is a top priority for him and even he was impressed with the sound of this tiny speaker!


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