B, bottoms, and a birthday

I've mentioned quite a bit before about the Tivoli Audio system that I surprised B with for Christmas, but a couple of you have pointed out, I've never shown you said audio system. I swear I really own it people. And here is the proof:

 This Model One Radio has quickly become one of our favorite things we own, so we gave it prime real estate on our bar, which is smack dab in the middle of our open floor plan living/dining/kitchen area.

It took me awhile to decide on a color for the radio since there is so many awesome choices. I debated yellow, then blue, then went back to yellow, but ultimately decided on white. Let's be honest- this thing isn't cheap, and although worth every penny, I didn't want to get sick of the color years down the line. Classic white always looks good with anything, so in a year or two if I decide I hate yellow and love chartreuse, this glossy white beauty will still make my heart jump.BTW, I actually love chartreuse and wish more of it was in my house.

 This area turned out to be the best spot because there is alot of open floor space in front of our bar. Perfect for daily dance parties.

On another note, my estate sale-ing has slowed waaaaayyy down. It's cold and gloomy and not what I want to be doing at 9 in the morning. I have gone to a couple and not much to report back, but I have manged to score a few items.

This antique plant mister or some sort of mister. Who knows, it's broken but looks wicked cool on my kitchen shelves.

Ahhhh....I do love me a good box. Seriously, just like brass animals, I can never have too many boxes. I keep all my secrets in them. I got this one a couple weeks ago and get this- the outside it paper. Yes, that beautiful shimmery navy, green, and gold pattern is actually painted paper. I am careful not to breath on this thing for fear of scratching it. The duck is the only thing I trust to guard this box since his bottom is a soft felt.

So that's about all I've gotten recently at estate sales, but last weekend was my birthday, and B made it my best one yet. We went out together for the entire day and had the most amazing time. Estate sales, Ikea, Homegoods, and clothes shopping, followed by a delightful dinner and yummy dessert. It was pretty much my dream day and we bought a lot of great things for the house that I'll show next week. What have you been up to? Shopping? Thrifting? Locking yourself in your house to avoid the cold?


  1. oooh how do you like those jonathan adler books?

    1. I like them. He's not my favorite designer, but I love his attitude when it comes to design. He doesn't take life too seriously and it definitely comes across on the pages. I got them INSANELY cheap on amazon last year.

  2. I reeeeally like your gallery wall and your estate finds. And I definitely agree with the colour choice - white never gets old or out of date.

    1. Thanks! Our gallery wall/bar area is our favorite area in our home!


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