Oh Christmas Tree

So after I spoke about my pickiness when it came to lighting our Christmas Tree, a couple of you asked why I never showed the whole tree in all its lighted glory. Truth is? My camera is terrible and extremely old, making it almost impossible to take descent pictures anymore. I'm really hoping for a new one for my birthday (hint hint B) but until then I will have to settle for mediocre pictures. Which makes my skin crawl. Photography was the major I started out with in college, and although I studied film only, I truly truly think that photographs are worth a million words. Problem is my photographs with my current camera are four letter only words. So bear with me (haha...I originally typed 'Bare with me', so you can get naked if you'd like) while my photos are 'meh'. Here is our Christmas tree:

 I know I am way behind on this phenomenon, but we finally have an Elf on the Shelf.  A member of our family Santa gave it to us over the weekend and it has quickly become our favorite holiday tradition. No joke. I don't know who loves this thing more- T or B and I. Every morning, T runs out of her bedroom and asks, "Puuuudddddiiiiiinnnngggggg, where aaaaarrrrrreeeee you?" and runs all over the house to find our little elf. She talks to the elf, tells her she is being good, asks her to say Hi to Santa for her, and makes it a point to be very good because Pudding is watching us. Pudding is the elf's name if that hasn't already been figured out.

Pudding's spot today. Where will she be tomorrow?
So thank you, Jennifer, for bringing so much joy and happiness to our family's holiday! What are your family traditions you can't live without? Do you do Elf on the Shelf? What did your child name your Elf? We gave T complete freedom in naming hers and Pudding rolled off her tongue before I could even finish my sentence!

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