It's beginning to look alot like Christmas

As I mentioned earlier in the week we cut down our tree this year. Although this wasn't the first time we've both done this, it was the first time we cut down a tree together, as a family. I will be honest and say, I wasn't really looking forward to the activity, but I put on my big girl pants for my hubby and T. Truth is, I ended up loving it. Like, it's now a tradition we must do every year kind of love. My type A personality got to be as picky as I wanted about our tree and B didn't have to stand there and hold two trees while I decided which one I liked best. Here is a photo recap of our trip:

Picking out the tree was easy. Lighting the tree most certainly was not. I'm very picking about everything lighting a tree and my method is neither quick or easy, and like last year, it involves me lighting the entire tree, declaring I hate my work, and redoing the entire thing. I can't help it- I blame this entirely on my mother whom I watched do the same thing year after year.

I will have to say, the second time around, the tree was lit magnificently and I declared this my favorite Christmas tree ever. Thems big words around these parts. 

The next day was spent decorating the house, doing a recreation of chalkboard art I found on Pinterest, and decorating the tree. T had a blast putting the ornaments on the tree, and since most of our ornaments are shatterproof, we didn't have to worry about anything breaking. I should say we didn't have to worry about T breaking anything. I unfortunately broke my favorite ornament ever. I was devastated and there may have been tears. Lots of them. If anyone comes across a orange-y glittery glass maple leaf-let me know. You will save Christmas.  Onto the decorations:

 The copper trees above are the same trees seen in my Sun-Times article.

We moved our tree to a different spot than last year and it works so much better in it's current place. Although this picture looks like it's blocking our way, I assure- it's not. There is a space of wall between our big front window and our entry way that turned out to be the perfect place for a tree. Plus, it's nice that it is visible from the street at night. 

Another cool thing that happened last weekend was that my favorite estate sale company had a little garage sale and I scored this awesome copper vase. It's hard to tell in photograph, but it's pretty big and makes the perfect centerpiece for our table. 

 The 'clothesline' was really fun to decorate this year. As we get Christmas cards, they will be hung on the line for a pretty display!

This time of year is so much fun and I've made it a point to make the most out of this holiday season. T is old enough to understand Santa and we have a Christmas Countdown (kind of like an advent calendar, but non-religious) that she is so excited to participate in. There has been what seems like non-stop Christmas music, crafting, cookie baking, dancing, and tons of laughing that has filled our home with so much joy.  Christmas time- you rock.



  1. I looove how you decorated the shelves + the card line beneath them! I also love the Christmas Countdown idea. I've thought of doing one for Mr. Lemon and I even though we don't have kids :) Such a great way to ensure holiday traditions don't get lost in the shuffle when they are scheduled (Type A's unite!) and also a great way to incorporate "giving" aspects into the season.

    1. Thanks! And you totally should do a Christmas Countdown! No children are required-I think B and I have more fun than T does sometimes!

  2. Sarah, Not sure what the ornament looked like, but maybe this would work? http://www.amazon.com/dp/B002JC66XM/ref=asc_df_B002JC66XM2281349?tag=thefind0146178-20&creative=395261&creativeASIN=B002JC66XM&linkCode=asn


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