I'm turning into my mother

I swore up and down when I was younger that I would NEVER be the person who has a plate solely for decoration. I mean, it's a plate, for eating. My mom had all these floral plates propped up on plate stands and I can not tell you how many of those things my brother and I broke. (to be fair, I only broke one because my younger brother ducked when I threw a remote at him. The nerve of him.) Ever since those days, I thought plates as decor were the stupidest decision ever. I mean, what if you need to throw a remote? Let me also be clear that while I thought decorative plates were a bad design decision, I thought gold lame was the best decision ever and wanted to wear that and velvet every single day. #that'swhatIcallawesome.

So to my surprise, and everyone else around me, I jumped at the chance to take home this antique plate given to me by B's mom and Step-dad. I believe it belonged to his grandma (or great-grandma). I swear you could put a bird on just about anything and I would love it. I have bird tattoos, and bird artwork in not one, not two, but three rooms of our house. Four if you count T's owl.

The design in this plate is molded onto the back of the plate which gives this a really neat affect which is almost impossible to photograph. You will just have to trust me on this one.

It's currently hanging above our concrete counter top and I think it will stay there for awhile. Although they may migrate (harhar) over to our open shelving. So please tell me I am not the only one diaplaying a plate. Is it a bad idea? Am I just swayed by the pretty birds of paradise? Have you done something in your adulthood your swore you'd never do?

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