YHL Book Signing

Rarely do I believe in starting posts like this, but: OH MY GOD!- yesterday was the Young House Love book signing in Chicago, and B and I (along with our good friend, Meg) went and lived gloriously to tell our tale. The day couldn't have gone better and we were extremely lucky so many times throughout the day. I'll explain.

The signing started at 1:00pm, but since the RSVP Facebook group filled up in about a week with close to 800 guests, we decided to leave at 9:00am just to play it safe. Smart move #1. We were some of the last people West Elm let wait inside. About a 100 or so people got to wait indoors, while the rest of the YHL fans had to brave the thunder and storms outside for over three hours! I felt terrible. (Side note: apparently the first person in line got there at 5:00am!)
We were in front of some of the NICEST people which made our wait that much shorter. Smart move #2: Be friendly- and you'll more than likely be rewarded. We chatted, joked, and exchanged blog info. One of the ladies was Rebecca from This Nest is Best. She's even prettier in person, people. They were super awesome and I couldn't have asked for better 'line friends'. It also just so happened that were we were in line was the best seat in the house to see John and Sherry's mini presentation about book projects.

I think this is the best pic of Sherry. This pretty much sums up her personality!

Meg and I also got to meet one very cool blogger- Nicole from Making it Lovely!

We also saw Kim and Scott from Yellow Brick Home, but before Meg could muster the courage to go introduce us (I did the intro's when we met Nicole) they were off doing other things. Thanks Meg. I'll never fully forgive you.

Pretend like you like each other!
B told me my smile was no good.
Much better
West Elm had a local Bakery (I think it was Foil) pass out Cookies and Hot Chocolate. Both were equally fantastic. I immediately took a bite of my cookie, but Meg, being the fantastic blogger she is-immedately took a picture of hers

Meg's Cookie

My cookie
We  all know where my priorities lie. #cookiemonster

After John and Sherry started signing books, the line moved pretty quickly. Not gonna lie-I got butterflies like no tomorrow right before it was my turn. There may or may not have been jokes about me crying in John and Sherry's presence. Like lots of jokes. From multiple people.

 And who would have thunk- I didn't cry. I may have giggled and rambled a bit, but my eyes and pants remained dry. Don't believe me? I have this picture to prove it.

All in all it was a fantastic day. The whole experience start to finish was great. I am actually glad we had to wait in line for almost four hours. It made the day. It was an amazing experience, and I was so glad to be apart of it.


  1. It was so great to meet you, too! Loving your blog and I've already subscribed - can't wait to see what else you do with your house.

    This Nest is Best

    ps - You've made me blush! Thank you :)

    1. Thanks!
      If you are ever in the city again-hit us up! We can go shopping!


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