New Rug

A while back, RUGSUSA had a mega sale and we jumped at the chance to finally be able to afford a couple new rugs for our home. Our living room rug arrived first, but had to be sent back due to a spot on the rug (total bummer) but on Monday, the rug for our guest room arrived. B and I quickly threw it down and instantly breathed a sigh of relief. I've never ordered rugs online before, but after seeing such a huge price difference, there was no other option in my mind. Needless to say, I was super nervous ordering such a big item for our home sight unseen. Hence the sigh of relief.

It really changes the look of the room. It also changed how much time we  spend in this room. Having a toddler means we log a lot of time on the floor. Playing Little People, making 'soup', or playing with T's current obsession: Nutcrackers. So we always gravitate towards her room since it was the only room in the house with a rug. Not anymore. This rug is not only bigger than hers, but way more soft and plush. It's also helpful that I can work on the computer and she can be behind me playing away.


When the rug arrived I was pleasantly surprised by the texture. The actual moroccan design is slightly raised from the rest of the rug and has a different weave pattern:

Here's another shot of the room looking mighty complete! Only a few more tweaks (well maybe more than a few) and we can call this room done.

Here's a close up of a lamp we scored at an estate sale for a couple bucks:

I'm loving how all the yellow ties into each other:

And here's Porter lookin all handsome. I'm actually really proud of the dog he had grown up to be. I say this because for awhile, it was tough. Really tough. Really, really tough. And it was mostly my fault. He never was bad (except for a couple chewing incidents) but the shedding took a lot to get used to. But he is really settling down and I am learning to look pass the mess and love him for the part of the family he is.  Plus he is so fantastic with T. Those two are best friends.

Watching T. Making sure everyone is okay. The duties of a German Shepherd.      

 Hopefully our living room rug will arrive soon and we can have even more rug space to play and roll and be awesome. Yes, because that is how I feel when new rugs arrive. Completely awesome. Amazing how things can do that to me.

I also need to note that we are going to cut down our Christmas tree this weekend. I am so freaking excited! We have a pretty limited size we can get since our living room is awkward when it comes to tree placement, but I'm convinced this year picking out a tree won't end up with me in tears or completely pissed off. Lets just say, there is a running 'joke' in my family about me and Christmas trees. Like one year I completely cried and lost it and last year, B and I bickered the entire time about a tree. Well, I would like to say B was involved, but to be honest, it was me being really pissy because I can never find the perfect tree. I have no idea why I get so worked up about a tree. I keep telling myself this year will be different. It has to be, or B will never go tree shopping with me again.

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