Making Progress

Last weekend, we housed our first overnights guests. We were ecstatic when we found out our friends were coming to visit, but also a little terrified when we realized we had NOTHING to actually sleep guests. So we kicked our butts into high gear and buckled down to get the guest room put together before their arrival. Lucky for us, B's mom and step-dad had an extra bed they didn't want, so we snatched it right up. Thank goodness because that saved us a ton of money.

We are still waiting on a rug, which we ordered from RUGSUSA, to help tie everything together, but for the most part all this room needs is a little tweaking. And speaking of tweaking, we have already done a little bit since these photos were taken. We scored a new (awesome!) lamp from an estate sale and the dresser area is different. I will post pics soon.

Porter loves  the new room. His bed is at the foot of the bed and he is happy to curl up in a much prettier room (trust me, he notices ;) )

My favorite view is the one from the bed. We've yet to put a door on, and actually, we aren't in any rush to do so.  I love being able to see the herringbone wall and the chalkboard door

On another hand, I got Young House Love's book in the mail last weekend! It's fantastic! Anyone else pre-order it? Is anyone going to their book signings? B and I are going this weekend and I am sososososososo excited. I really have no idea how I will contain my giddiness. Any secrets for keeping composure?

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    also, thank you for making my bedroom look so nice.


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