Deep Discounts

I'm celebrating my 101th (!!!) post today by showing off some gifts I've recently bought myself. We live really close to a Target-which is a good thing and can also be a very, very bad thing. Target is where I run for most household necessities (garbage bags, paper products, kitty litter, etc) but lets be honest: rarely do I leave with just the necessities. No-sir-e. I end up with candles I never knew I needed, clothes I never knew I wanted, and households accessories I sometimes don't even know if I like. But I buy them. Because they were 70% off. And regardless of the item, I love 70% off. But these items I picked up are different. I've had my eye on them for awhile, but at full price, they were out of my league.  So I waited, and wished, and hoped, that they would go on sale and I would be at Target at the right place at the right time. Boy was I excited when I was at Target buying laundry detergent and I somehow wandered to the clearance section and found these:

Both of these vases cost me less than $11, combined. Sweet deal if you ask me since the larger one was around $20 full price. I also found this while I took the longest way I could made a b-line to the checkout:

It's a lovely Autumn smelling (that's an adjective, right?) candle. It was marked down from $15 to $4something because it had a bunch of scuff marks on the outside pumpkin part. When I brought it home, I took a magic eraser to it and it cleaned up like new. Not only does this candle smell wonderful and look pretty, once it's all burned I can reuse the ceramic pumpkin as candy dish or something. I love white ceramic anything so this will be great for years to come.

Not too bad. Three items for around $15. A great gift to myself. Is there anything you totally scored recently? Do you have problems buying 'only the necessities' at Target. I know I can't be the only one.

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