Sorry I've been a little MIA, I've been busy looking at this:

The family and I ducked out for a quick little trip over the weekend to visit my Grandma. She lives in the UP and B has never met her before, so this was an extra special trip for me. We drove up with my mom so it was one big ol family vacation. We left Friday morning, and seven hours later, we arrived at our hotel. Since we hadn't planned on visiting Grandma that night, we decided to show T the best part of the town, the castle park:

Seriously, this park is the best park ever. I think it's called Kid's Kingdom and they are built all over the United States. This park is HUGE. I remember playing on it as a kid and being afraid I would get lost. It's that big. There are so many tunnels, bridges, ladders, and landings that it's hard to cover the whole park. There are also little stand alone structures, like this train that had T mesmerized:

The slides were awesome, but they didn't really slide. You kind of painfully slid down until your underpants went missing. Not that I would know.

Apparently, I make awesome faces.

B makes it a point to ruin every photo I try to take of him. Thanks babe, you know, for ruining memories.

 After pulling T away from the park (which I'm surprised we could do without tears) we went to the beach, which is about two steps away from the park. It's kinda the best set-up ever. There is also a very large pier to walk on, a huge pond, a skate park, and trails all in the same area. Which to me, is funny, because this town is so deserted and small.

Saturday and Sunday were spent at Grandma's farm. She owns 50 acres in a tinytinytiny town. No joke, you couldn't even Google map this place until a couple years ago. It's a gorgeous piece of land. There's no cell reception, which was nice, causing us to just enjoy nature and each other.

B got to ride an ATV for the first time. It's like they were made for each other. He was a natural and looked the part because of that flannel he wore. We all joked that he was a country girls dream. Sorry UP ladies, he's all mine.

Other than riding ATV's, picking vegetables, and learning family history from Grandma, we just walked around and enjoyed her property.

T and her Grandma

"Mommy! Daddy's up there!"

Apple picker

Best Apple Ever

See? Another ruined photo. Maybe if I keep posting them on the blog, he'll stop.
The view from Grandma's window

It's mandatory to pose your kid on some rusty piece of farm equipment

Two days spent with Grandma wasn't enough, but I'm so glad that B got to meet her. And it was nice that T was old enough to actually talk to her and enjoy her company. T really loved her Great Grandma. The last time we were there, T was only 5 months old, so I assumed she would be shy. It was quite the opposite. T threw dance parties, told jokes, pretended to make food, and picked carrots with her Great Grandma. She had a blast.

I got some great treasures from my Grandma, which I'll show you soon. Old photographs, books, dolls, and even something brass!  It was like Christmas. And, of course, we managed to stop at some rummage sales (I can't NOT go) and get some great items. We also did some pretty fun things on the drive home, but that will be a whole other post. 

Currently, it sounds like a war zone at our home. Our roof is being redone and we can't wait for it to be finished. We have some big plans after this project and we want to get started asap. I'll post pics when the roof is done. I think it will add some great curb appeal to our home, along with no more leaking, which is our biggest problem. It's amazing how exciting a new roof is for us now that we are homeowners. I never thought that would happen.

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  1. Oh my god, i want to go! Its so pretty!! That, and i just want to play in that giant playground.


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