Raise the Roof!

I mentioned last week that we were getting a new roof. This will be the first project on our house that we hired out and I'm glad we did. After seeing these guys work non stop for three days, there is no way we would have been able to complete this job ourselves. And the fact that we have two flat roofs, we figured it was best to leave this job up to the professionals. Our new roof, along with new gutters and window wrappings, is complete.  Holy curb appeal:

 Just to refresh your memory, here is the before:

I never realized how old our roof looked until we had the new one put on. We chose a black architectural shingle to match our black shutters and other black accents. As much as I like the way it looks, I'm happy to not have to deal with leaking issues anymore. Plus, if something were to happen, we have a 10 year warranty. As I mentioned before, we also had all new window flashing put on. The flashing around our windows were sub-par, many having dents or holes in them. Our back door didn't even have flashing around it in the first place:

 Now it's all wrapped and clean and white. Ohhhh...

We also had a terrible awning covering our ONLY window in our bedroom Unfortunately, I have no before photo of that atrocity. Excuse me while I show you a very scientific rendering of what it looked like before:

Yeah, I got mad skills. Except our awning was dark gray and dirty. It also had hail dents and mold. It was such a pleasure to look at every time we were in our bedroom.  Now it looks like this:

 Everything looks so much better. It feels fresh, and new, and lively. Just in case you forgot the after, here is a side by side of the old and new roof.

I'm glad this project is done and now we just have to tackle the inside. As a result of our roof leaking, we have water damage to the ceiling in our bedroom. We will be fixing that ourselves, since B has done drywall a million times before. I hate doing drywall. It's messy and dusty. Redoing the ceiling also means we will have to move to our guest room for a couple days and there is no room for our bed.  I guess we will have to put some sleeping bags on the floor. I'm not looking forward to that.

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