Pinterest Challenge! Let there be light!

It's that time of year again! It's the Fall Pinterest Challenge and I got a new, very pretty, little something for our living room this weekend:

Yes, the flowers are pretty, but I am talking about THE LAMP. Yes, it's referred as the lamp in our house because I love it so much. It's what my lamp dreams are made of. It the light in my fire, it's....well I should stop swooning over my lamp. And the best part? I have TWO of them.

But they didn't start off as the lamps of my dreams. Not at all.  I spotted them on an estate sale website, and even in a pile of garbage, I knew I could work wonders. So, I packed T in the car bright and early Wednesday morning, and crossed my fingers no one would get to them before I would.  And luck was on my side, because I came home with two of these:

I love mid century items, but I am not a fan of that mid century burnt orange color. At least not on a lamp. So I busted out my favorite spray paint and used light, even coats (similar to this method I found on Pinterest)  to transform these into the lamps of my dreams. I will note that I washed these VERY well first. They were very smelly and dirty. I used Rustoleum's Satin white spray paint with a clear lacquer over the top. The neck of the lamp is Rustoleum's Oil Rubbed Bronze. After the paint dried, I replaced all the electrical stuff with a new socket kit from Home Depot using this method I found on Pinterest. I couldn't love the light/dark combo more:

Buying lamps at estate sales had been very tricky for me. It takes a lot to get me to pull the trigger on lighting, but I do have some advice/rules I follow:

1- Don't worry about the finish. That is one of the easiest things to fix. That is what spray paint is for. 
2-Don't worry about the shade. Again, easy fix.
3- Focus on the shape. Like furniture, this is something you can't change. If you don't like the lines, don't get it. 
4-Plan on rewiring. Most lighting at estate sales are old. Really old. Even though something may work, I err on the side of caution and replace the electrical. Old electrical can be a fire hazard and I would rather be safe than sorry. It's an extra $10 well spent. 
5-Look for pairs. It's hard to find a pair of lamps at sales. And sometimes you really want a matching set. If there are two-buy both. Even if you don't need that extra one now. You don't want to regret not buying it later. I learned that lesson the hard way. 

Hoping everyone out on the East Coast is safe and dry! We are thinking of you!

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  1. Great makeover. I love the crisp cleanness of white.

  2. Holy cow! I love this! Makes me want to go thrifting right. now.


    1. You should- you never know what you'll find! And thank you!


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