Nice Hood

A couple weeks ago, I painted our new (to us!) hood for our kitchen, and then forgot to show how it looks now that it's up and functioning in our kitchen.

  See, I had planned on making this post a big 'How to install a kitchen hood' tutorial, but that flew out the window when I came home from errands only to see B finishing the install of this said hood. He wanted to surprise me after my long day of running errands and two year old tantrums. I walked in the door and there he was, full of smiles, and all I managed to say was "What about the blog?" Terrible wife, I know. Then I quickly realized that was awful of me, and B did something really nice to make me happy.  I'm a lucky woman.  It looks great and fits in better with our oven than our black one did. Oh, and did I mention it work? Perfection.

It even looks good from underneath. You'd never know it was spray painted. 

It's not a huge difference as far as aesthetics go, but we  notice the difference and it's a big deal for us. And the fact that I can cook dinner without stinking up the house is the best part. I never had a hood growing up and it really does make a big difference. When we bought this house, I got so used to having a working hood that when it broke shortly after, I was bummed. It's nice to have one back. Is there any kitchen appliance or tool that you can't live without?

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  1. BIG improvement. I grew up without a dishwasher, and I'll never go without one again. Essential!


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