My Goldmine and Moonshine

Our Michigan Trip was short and sweet, but we did manage to snag some great items to bring home. Of course, not even vacation could stop us from going to garage sales. I was actually surprised by how expensive most items were priced, but I was able to get this sweet pair of glasses for 25 cents:

I'll be the first to say I looking pretty f*cking awesome in these shades. But usually when people have to tell you they look cool, they don't. 

We spent one afternoon going through old photographs and artifacts with my Grandma.  She was extremely generous and gave me most everything I expressed interest in, so these were the items we brought home:

These bird paintings were done by my mom when she was younger. I can't wait to frame and hang them. The next pictures are all school photographs of my mom. Sorry mom, I hope these don't embarrass you too much.
Hahahaha...I can't stop laughing
Love all these. The top one and bottom right will be framed.
My mom and her best friend. This will be framed also

I've had my heart set on this next item for years. No joke. This is a book that was written by my great great Grandma. It's all her baking recipes. My family has a long line of very talented bakers and some even made a living making cakes, etc. This book is OLD. and very worn. I'm surprised my Grandma let me have it. I'd like to photograph every page and make a new book of all these recipes and archive this book. That way we can actually read/use the recipes in the book.

There is page after page of every recipe you could dream of!

This is a photograph of my mom's old house. So quaint.

My mom's hospital form when she was born. It instructed nurses how much formula to feed and whatnot.

An old map of Ann Arbor, MI. B and I love old maps- this one is no exception.

I think this is my favorite thing I brought home (besides the book, of course). It's a brass tray that belonged to my Grandma. It's about a foot wide and currently is living on our desk.  I lovelovelovelove the pretty little triangle pattern.


This porcelain doll was one of my Grandma's first dolls. How a child did not destroy a porcelain doll is beyond my comprehension, but I'm glad it's all in tact and ours to display. Side note: I've completely fallen into the crazy category when I'm contemplating 'displaying' a doll.

Our drive home was fantastic. We always stop at this shop called Seguins. It has tons of cheeses, moccasins, gift items, candies, beer and wine. We bought a mustard, salt water taffy, cheese, and this:

Yep. Cherry Moonshine . When in Rome, right? We haven't tried it yet, but I will keep you posted. After Sequins, we drove to this winery in Pestigo, WI. It's called Forgotten Fire (did you know Pestigo had a HUGE fire that destroyed the city the same night of the great Chicago fire? Hence the name Forgotten Fire.) It's owned by a husband and wife and the place was great. It was very no frills. I actually had low expectations after pulling up to the front of the building-it didn't look all that inviting. But the inside was great. Very clean and neat with rows and rows of wine. There was a tiny bar for wine tastings and since we were there early, we had the place all to ourselves. Best part? We got to sample ALL their wines. The owner was so nice and very generous. The wine was really good. Not the best I've ever had, but they had a lot of wines I don't always drink, like Marechal Foch. We ended up buying 6 bottles: one Cranberry, two Riesling, two Wildfire Red (my favorite!) and one Marechal Foch.

B and I have dreams of touring Michigan's vineyards and this really lit a fire under us to start planning our 'someday' trip. We just have to save up a ton of money because I know I would buy so much wine. We are in the process of trying to find a solution to store our wine, since we currently have over 20 bottles. And that number is only going to grow.
So that's it, folks. The end of our Michigan trip. Now who wants to come over for some wine and moonshine?

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