It's Concrete.

I've already shown that we recently received an awesome range hood, but we've also been given a kitchen cabinet as well. See, B's mom and step dad are remodeling their entire kitchen, and hiring B to do a lot of the work. They are only saving the dishwasher which means we get dibs on everything else. Their old cabinets are similar to ours, so we jumped on the chance to take one to fill the LARGE empty gap next to our refrigerator. When we bough this house, that space held a peninsula that closed off the entire kitchen. So when we removed it, there was an empty space. B didn't mind it, but the space drove me nuts. What's supposed to go there? How do we make this space 'balanced' with the rest of our kitchen?  I pretty much settled in my mind that a single stand alone cabinet would be our best option. So we got first pick of the cabinet we wanted (the rest are going to my parents to use in their kitchen!) and brought it home. Problem was, it was too big:

I liked it, so we kept it there, but after about a week, we both realized it was a *tad* too big for the space. It came about 1/8'' past the wall, which looked bad, plus we were constantly bumping in to it. At least the fix was easy. All we did was swap it for a slightly smaller cabinet to better fit the space.

Sorry for the already deconstructed photo, we both couldn't wait to get started sanding. Since B wasn't totally on board with putting a cabinet there in the first place, I convinced him to keep it by giving him the go to finally make a concrete counter top- which he's always wanted to do. I need not say more. He was totally on board and every night for the last week, he's been scouring tutorials on how to make the perfect counter top. If all goes well, it should be done by middle of next week. I'm really excited. The grey of the counter will almost match our painted counter tops on the other side of the kitchen giving a cohesive look, but it will be different enough to be interesting. I can't wait to see the finished product, and to decorate that area of our kitchen!

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