Good Luck

In the summer, I was in full swing estate sale mode. I never missed a weekend, I always was excited, and I rarely walked away empty handed. Now that it's Fall, my attention has changed. I find myself actually using or redoing the things I got at said sales, tying up loose ends, finally starting certain projects, and in general- gearing my house up for the prettiest winter possible. I don't go to as many sales, I'm pickier with what I buy (I always ask myself, "Would I regret not getting this?"), and sometimes, my excitement is nonexistent. Maybe it's because the quality of sales has changed. I was awfully spoiled this summer with some MAJOR good sales. Lately, it been kind of, meh. But I do have a recap of some things I've bought over the last couple of weeks. One item is going in my top 10 estate sales purchases EVER. (Hmmm....maybe I should do a list!) So in no particular order, this is what I've scored:

Two vintage metal file drawers. These currently are holding most of my craft supplies, leaving me room in the dresser below for other items.

I love the old tags and handles!

I got this brass tray for 50 cents. High roller, right here people.

 Here is my Pièce de résistance. This is my favorite find I've gotten in a long time, maybe ever. I wish I could find more large items at estate sales, but the large items are usually not my style or too expensive. So when I spotted this 18x18x36in trunk- I jumped. Literally, I jumped up and down and squealed. Best part? It was $12.50!

Where have you been all my life?

We finally found something to hang on our Herringbone wall. We didn't buy this 4ft mirror with the intention of it living here, but we couldn't be happier. We knew we needed something on that wall to break up all the pattern. We tried frames, canvases, artwork, different wall hangings, but why we never thought to hang a mirror is beyond me. It opens up the space so much and I'm kicking myself for not doing this sooner.

You can kind of see this next piece in the mirror above. It lives down the hallway from this bird print. It's the same frame (sans mat) as the bird print, which is why we bought it, but we never had anything to fill it with. When we were at an estate sale last week, B really loved this negative of a newspaper. I'm not sure if that's what it's really called, but that is how it looks.

Why hello, patina-d brass. Welcome to our humble abode. Gotta love a pretty brass bowl.

I've wanted a vintage cheese dome for awhile. I found this one and it works for now, although I would like something taller. I think they are great for showcasing decorations and such.

A couple days ago, a friend of mine and I went to a really neat antique shop in Blue Island, called Three Sisters. There was so much to look at and I only walked away with this plant ring and a Christmas gift for T. I can't wait to display this for the holidays:

There are a few estate sales coming up that I am very excited for, but other than that we are focusing on other things that we want to do to our home. You may have noticed in the pics above, but there is an actual bed in our guest room! Yep, we are finally tackling our office/junk room. We are cleaning out things we don't need, making room for things we do need, and gearing up to host our first overnight house guest, ever. A very good friend of ours, who actually did this painting in T's room, is coming to stay with us at the end of the month. Not only are we so excited to see her, we are happy something finally lit a fire under our asses to tackle that room. 


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