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Sometimes I get so caught up in decorating to my liking, I selfishly forget that this is T's childhood home. This is the house where memories will be created, bonds will be formed, and secrets will be told to the walls late at night when T feels hers parents just don't understand.  I have such a connection to my childhood home- I still think my mom made a mistake by painting our once red brick home, tan. I remember where our Christmas cards where hung, where our forts were built, and where I drew princesses in my closet- because I could. We had creative freedom in my childhood home, which developed my love for art and music. We were able to draw in our closets, play our music too loud, and get paint on the table. And I want T to have that too. Sometimes, I forget that it is less important to have an immaculate house and more important to have a home that serves our family. So B and I have been making it a point to include more family friendly decor in our house. Our first task was to paint a chalkboard door somewhere in our house. We chose to paint the door to our basement for a couple reasons.

1) It's a the center of our house, making it easy to keep an eye on T when she is drawing.
2) It's close to the kitchen so I can easily use the top part (that T can't reach) for menu planning, grocery list, or love notes to B.
3) Since it's not tucked away in a bedroom, I know our friends will enjoy it when we have them over. We like to entertain and I can see this board getting plenty of use after a couple glasses of wine.

This door has an access to the basement which allows our cats to use the litter and eat. We wanted to keep that trim the nice crisp white that it was, so we taped it off using regular old masking tape.

We were given leftover paint and magnetic primer from B's mom and step-dad, so we made this a magnetic chalkboard. If we hadn't had this paint given to us, we probably would have skipped the primer since it's kind of pricey. But in the end, I'm glad we had this because it really made the door special.

It was quite simple- we used a foam roller to roll on three light even coats of primer, letting each coats dry at least 30 min before adding the next coat.

After three light coats, we let it dry a couple hours (per directions) before adding the chalk board paint. We didn't feel like dirtying a brush to take the magnetic primer all the way to the edge, so we got as close as we could with the roller. Honestly, I don't see regretting this decision.

For better reference of where our door is.
After everything was dry, we put two coats of chalkboard paint on. Again, we used a foam roller (a new one) to roll light, even coats. Then we cut the edges in with a 2'' angled brush.

Our cat, Zephyr, made us extremely nervous, insisting he walk by that door 100 times walking *this* close to the wet paint. But who can get mad at this face:

In the end, we can this:

The whole family loves it! T thinks it's great she gets to draw on a wall, but fully understands this is the only wall she can draw on. We are lucky she is an easy kid like that. I drew 'menu' at the top and told T to write the menu, so apparently we are having scrambled eggs for dinner, or spaghetti. I can't tell. Any weekend projects you completed? Do you consider your children when decorating? Don't have kids? Try a chalkboard door anyways- they are pretty fun!

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