As I mentioned before,we were given a couple of really nice things for our kitchen recently. On of those things was a new (to us) kitchen hood. B's mom and step-dad are re-doing their kitchen, and lucky for us-we get whatever they don't want or need. One of the things that they are replacing is the kitchen hood. Our kitchen hood doesn't work, making it completely useless so we jumped on the chance for a working one. The only problem: it was completely dirty. (In my mother in law's defense, this is a new home for them and the dirty hood is not from them! And this hood wasn't vented properly)

This picture was after I cleaned it for over an hour. No joke. Almost a whole roll of paper towels later, we still had a mess on our hands. Even though this is the underside of the hood, it still is visible when sitting at our dining table. Greasy hood=loss of appetite.

We decided to use this to fix our little problem:

We didn't have to paint the entire underside of the hood, since most of it was able to be cleaned. We had to paint the lower part, where most of the smoke and grease accumulated.

It was really easy to paint and the application was so easy. The paint went on great and dried quickly- I was really impressed. The color is almost identical and from afar, you wouldn't know it was painted. I don' t think this would be good for the front of the hood, since the sheen isn't quite right, but for something like this, it's perfect.

I came home the other night to B installing the hood as a surprise for me, so unfortunately, there won't be too many 'how-to' blog photos, but the After photos should be up sometime this week. Spoiler alert: it looks amazing. Has anyone else ever used specialty spray paint? Anyone paint any appliances? Now our black refrigerator sticks out like a sore thumb in our all stainless kitchen and I'd like to cheaply remedy that.

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