Recipe Art

 Before I get into my quick little post for today, my new Sun-Times article is up and ready to read! Click here to view it.

 And now back to the show...

I have a thing for recipes used as artwork. I had one made by Articipe of my Great Grandma's Rhubarb pie recipe, seen on our kitchen shelves. So when I came across this one for $3 at an estate sale, I quickly snatched it up. It's a key lime pie recipe printed on fabric.

It's not in it's permanent frame, so eventually we'd like to frame it in a white frame to match all our other artwork, but I love the kitsch-y, home-y feel it adds to our space. I'm hoping I can eventually find more and maybe create a whole gallery of recipe artwork. In other news, we are getting a new roof! We signed our contract and it will hopefully be done soon. B is going to be working on parts of the house too while our roof is redone (like moving venting, drywalling, patching, etc) so it should get exciting round these parts of the blog. And a little vacation is going to be thrown into the mix. Can't wait!


  1. One of my favorite things you've gotten from a sale. So sweet and I love the colors!

    1. Thanks! It's one of my favorites too!


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