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Our kitchen layout could not be any better for our family. It has a great 'work triangle', which is great for everyday life, but it leaves a giant open space in our kitchen. I'm not complaining, trust me, but the floor needed a little oomph. So on a recent trip to Homegoods, I spotted this beauty and could not snatch it up quick enough:

It's a 30x50 ikat rug that we thought would be good for our space. Plus, it was in one of my fave color combinations ever: yellow, gray, and white. B loved it too and the price couldn't be beat at $12.99. We had no idea how big our kitchen floor space was, since we never measured it because we weren't really looking for anything at that time.

Although it may be a little on the small side, it adds a great pop of color and pattern to an otherwise dull area. If we get sick of it in the kitchen, we know we could use it in other areas of our home. Rarely do we buy anything for our home that can't be used in other rooms, leaving us with plenty of options. We lived with the rug here for almost a week, and I think we are set with it staying in the kitchen for awhile, although I have one problem: dirt. How do people with dogs do it? Keep things clean, that is. T is one of the tidiest kids I know, and our cats are clean too. But our dog, Porter, has really changed how clean I can keep everything in my house. I try to let it go, because he is a wonderful addition to our family, but this clean kitchen rug you see in the photos above? Yeah, this was taken about an hour after we bought it meaning it no longer looks like that. I can't help but get frustrated. When I see beautiful homes on AT or Design Sponge and the families have a large breed dog- it gives me hope. Does anyone know any good blogs where a family has a big dog? I really could use some inspiration right about now.

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  1. yellow brick home has a whole section on how they clean with jack around! also, i think two pitties in the city covers that too!


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