Our weekend turned out to be a pretty great weekend as far as home improvement goes. We were gifted some things that are going to make a big impact in our tiny kitchen. But until we can make more progress/take pictures- I am going to leave everyone in the dark. Suspenseful, I know. Besides bringing home our new loot, we did a couple mini projects around our house. Remember when I showed you our Ikea haul? Everything we bought is up and ready to show (in a couple posts, of course)! Our kitchen window shelves were pretty lackluster last time we saw them:

They pretty much just collected a hodgepodge of things with no rhythm or reason. Most items on the shelves were too big-but we knew it was only a temporary situation until we found something we liked more. So the white Ikea pots were planted with pretty houseplants stolen from my mom (thanks mom!) and placed on our shelves to breath much needed life into that space.

The top left and bottom left shelve still need a little something, but the right side is looking mighty pretty, thanks to a Pinterest Challenge:

It's so nice having houseplants again. It brings a certain freshness to the space and a great pop of color. It sure makes doing dishes more fun! And the best part is (hopefully) I won't be able to kill them. Most of them are succulents-which I tend to be good at caring for. The top right one I've kept alive for almost a year, which is a record for me. Apparently I didn't inherit my mothers green thumb. What about you? Any great scores this weekend? Do you have houseplants? Successfully? Tell me your secrets...

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