Out of Africa

Our dear friend Charlie is an amazing guy. He is also smart, handsome, and well traveled (perfect combo, I know). So when he returned from Africa bearing gifts for all of us, I was beyond ecstatic.

T got an AMAZING djembe drum that is hand made:

Charlie knows how much T loves elephants and had the guy who makes them carve one in the drum just for her.

It is made with goat skin and some of the hair is still intact. You can feel where all the hair was shaved from the hide to create the top of the drum.

T is obsessed with it and plays it everyday. We have it sitting out on top of our bar where Mr. Velvetdeer used to live. I'm going to decorate the bar for Fall soon, so the hot pink deer clashed with the decor, but the earth tones of the drum will fit right in.

You may have also noticed the beautiful cloth under the drum. It's a Kente cloth and I think it's the native cloth of Ghana. It's hand woven strips that are sewn together to create a wonderful piece of fabric. Charlie says people use them for a lot of things and the colors vary. He got us a mustard yellow, white, and green one:

B and I love it. The colors are stunning and it reminds us of charlie. We aren't quite sure what we are going to do with it, but I would like to have it displayed somehow. Any ideas?

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  1. That cloth makes me drool....the colors, the pattern...perfection.


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