No Sew Curtain Hemming and Bedroom To-Do's

I've never been a big sewer. In high school, my punk rock self would sew T-Shirts into skirts and halter tops, but my expertise stops there. I envy people who can sew anything. I, on the other hand, lack the patience and skills to even sew a straight line, so hemming curtains with hem tape has become my way of life. It's really easy, inexpensive, and I love the finished result.

This is what we started with. Our Ikea curtains come un-hemmed with a 96'' length, so we had more than a little puddle on our floor:

Not only did we trip on the curtains, but they collected an insane amount of cat hair, dust, and dirt. It wasn't the vibe I was going for in our bedroom. I'm not the biggest fan of ironing either, so this project was put off for way to long. It's one of those tasks that I put off and put off, but once it's finished- I wish I'd done it sooner.

We start the process off by washing and drying all our curtains, so if they need to be washed in the future, they won't shrink. Then, we decide how much of the curtain needs to be hemmed and fold an even line in the curtain:

Then, we iron that fold making sure everything is clean, straight, and even. You're curtains will be off if this fold isn't even.

Open the fold up and place a single piece of hem tape on top of the ironed line.

Refold the curtain and iron according to the directions on the package. The hem tape I use is heavy duty and I think it says to press down for three seconds, then flip the curtain over and iron again.

Some of our Ikea curtains have been extremely long for our space, so we've had to trim off excess fabric before hemming. We also iron the entire curtain before hanging since these curtains tend to get very wrinkly in the wash. In the future, I'd like the have a steamer since I can't seem to get our curtains completely wrinkle free. I'll fast forward through the hanging of the curtains part and show you our finished product:

Our curtains just barely touch the floor. They are no longer a tripping hazard and they don't collect nearly as much dirt and dust as before. Plus, they make the room feel so much taller. Having the proper length curtains is important in rooms with low ceilings, since they can really drag the eye down. Now there is one straight clean line from floor to ceiling, making the eye travel up instead of down. Our bedroom is still one of my least favorite room in our house, but having the curtains hemmed is a big improvement. We still have a lot we want to accomplish but it will probably have to wait until spring. But who knows-maybe sooner. For now, I'm creating a list of everything I'd like to accomplish in the room:

Bedroom To-Do's
  • Repaint room a darker, cozier color
  • Get a bigger rug (right now, we are using T's old nursery rug)
  • Thrift some new side tables. I'd like wider ones they have more weight to them. Hopefully with an MCM shape
  • DIY closet doors (we are currently door-less)
  • Finally install quarter round
  • B has some HVAC stuff to do, which involves moving vents and such
  • DIY an upholstered headboard
  • Get some more artwork
  • Finally upholster a chair that belonged to B's grandma and grandpa to put in our room
We also have big project we are tackling in our room soon: our ceiling. Currently, our roof is leaking and we are looking to replace it asap. After, the roof is completed, B will replace our water-damaged ceiling, but we will save all that for other posts-soon!

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