Nature Walk

Fall is here, the leaves are changing, and T is taking all the new sights in. So I planned a little 'nature walk' to show her what changes this new season brings. The day was picture perfect for our outing, so T, Porter, and I put on our fall jackets and went exploring. We saw lots of colorful leaves, squirrels gathering, colorful mums, and T's favorite: pine cones! I made sure she brought along an empty purse so we could bring some of our 'found' treasures home, and in retrospect, we should have brought two purses (or a bigger one). She loaded her purse to the brim with every last pine cone we found.

I thought it would be fun to bring our little 'treasures' inside and use them as Fall decor, so we decided to paint them with some gold spray paint. I did this because not only does it look pretty, but it keeps the sap from getting all over everything. The paint acts as a sealer of sorts.

Fall has certain smells too!
 All we did was lay the pine cones on a paper bag and spray. We didn't bother washing them off or priming- they are just pine cones after all.

Here they are all styled and pretty on our dining table:

The gold adds a perfect amount of shimmer and fun to the traditional pumpkin and gourd decor. Plus, it reminds me of the fantastic day I had with my daughter (and pooch!). Getting to relive all the wonders of nature through her eyes is one of the most rewarding things about being a parent. To go back to the days where pine cones are the most exciting thing ever is so special and humbling. I love that she is getting older and I can teach her, marvel with her, play with leaves, and collect our pine cone treasures. Makes me *almost* look forward to winter. Almost.

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