Kente Cloth

When you last saw our Kente cloth, gifted from our friend Charlie, I was debating ways to display it. We toyed around with different ideas: framing it, stretching it around a wooden frame, tacking it directly to our walls- but nothing seemed right to us. We both wanted a solution that wouldn't damage the cloth- so stretching it like a canvas was a no go because we would have to use too many staples and worried we might rip the fabric. I thought framing it was a little too 'formal' for the organic fabric and B thought tacking it to the wall wasn't appreciating it enough. So we went back to the drawing board and came up with a solution to please both of us. We are firm believers in being on the same page when it comes to projects and decorating around our house.  We don't move forward with a project until we are both in agreeance with what's going on. Sure, it may take us longer to come to an agreeance, but in the end, we are both happier that we both love the outcome.

But I digress. We decided that we would hang the cloth on a piece of wood that had a wire to hang on the wall. Confused? Probably. It's easier if I just show how we did the project.

We started with a $4 piece of trim that we picked up from Home Depot. It's pretty skinny, since we knew we wanted something that wouldn't compete with the bold pattern and color of the fabric. 

Then, we set it up for staining using a highly professional method involving a tree stump and children's slide.

Since we are extremely cheap resourceful, we used a stain that was left in our basement when we bought the house. The previous owners left us with tons of stains, sealants, and hazardous materials that are difficult to properly dispose of. So we put them to good use when we can. We liked this stain best- American Walnut.

 B used an old rag to stain the wood. Basically we just rubbed it on, let it sit, and wiped it off.

This was the color after one coat, which we both decided was a little too light. So we repeated our highly technical process two more times until we reached a color we liked.

The final color
To hang the fabric, all we did was measure the width of the cloth and cut a piece of trim to size.

We folded the fabric over since the edges were very uneven and stapled the fold to the back of the trim. The staples are easily removed and don't damage the cloth too much. We did have to be careful when stapling the fabric since the staple could easily go through the trim or split the wood.

Then we put a staple in the wood to secure the picture wire to.

Here is the cloth hanging in all it's glory:

And here is a pulled back shot of the cloth up and hanging in our bedroom. I love the solution we chose. It's simple and goes with the feel of the fabric. I still have to iron out the bottom of the fabric to get it to lay a little more straight, but other than that- it's done!

Our Kente cloth adds a much needed pop of color and character to our dull bedroom. Once we complete all our changes to the bedroom, the Kente cloth will pop even more. Thanks again, Charlie!


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