Ikea Haul

The nearest Ikea from our house is about 40 minutes away. Not too far, but enough for it to not be a weekly occasion. So when we had plans to visit B's mom, step-dad, and grandma, we thought we'd pop in to see the newest collection since it was on our way. We also had a few odds and ends that we wanted to pick up while we were there.

What we got:

1. Four white pots (one not pictured). I had no idea how hard it would be to find simple white pots for houseplants in our area. No joke. I tried Home Depot, Menards, Jo-Anne Fabrics, TJ Maxx, etc... with not luck. Ikea had plenty to choose from and the ones we liked were only $1.99/each

2. Light Bulbs. These were for my mom because Ikea lamps have non-standard light bulb sizes. Well played, Ikea. Well played.

3. DIGNITET Wire Picture Hanger and clips. We are going to install this under our kitchen shelves. I think it will be cute for recipes, Christmas cards, impromptu photographs, and T's drawings.

4. Fabric. We were handed down (from a friend of B's mom and ours) a wood baby doll cradle. We are going to give it a complete overhaul and this fabric will be the bedding.

Overall, we really liked Ikea's new stuff. The wicker chairs were by far my favorite new item and B has his eyes on a blue set of curtains. We drooled over their kitchen items for our one-day dream kitchen, but skipped over sections like dining tables, credenzas, and anything else made from wood. We both don't like those items from Ikea. I like things with age, sturdiness, and uniqueness, and I feel a lot of Ikea items lack that. Understandably so. The stuff is nice, just not for us. We tend to gravitate towards their accessories and finishing touches. And their restaurant. But I have no idea how that happens. Has anyone checked out the new Ikea collection? Any must haves?

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  1. Eine sehr schöne Auswahl. Gefällt mir wirklich gut.


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