Art (work)

A couple of quick changes have been made in our house as far as artwork goes. Since B and I decided to keep our anniversary low key, and I told him not to get me anything (besides the new Domino Mag!!!), he secretly made me something instead.

I love it, not only because it looks fucking sweet, but because it was made by my lovely hubby. He took some scrap wood and hand bent sheet metal around it. Then he painted the middle with chalkboard paint and decorated it with a heart. I'm pretty sure I'm going to hang it on our kitchen shelves.

Onto other art... A few weeks ago, B and I bought this portrait of a German Shepherd for $4. I looks and feels so much like Porter. So, we hung it in our kitchen above his dog bed. I love the eclectic, vintage vibe it has. Apparently, it's over 50 years old.

Sorry for the terrible glare, it was the best I could do.
Another homemade piece of artwork was created this weekend. T decided she HAD to draw a picture of outer space. So I gave her a blue piece of paper and a pen and she diligently drew her vision of outer space. She was soooo proud of her work afterwords, I decided to frame it. I love the simplicity of it. Hell, some hipster could sell this as 'modern art' and people would eat it up. Think I'm kidding? Watch Gallery Girls.

It currently lives on our kitchen shelving. It fits right in. Every meal, T points it out and talks about outer space and rocket ships.

Last, we finally got around to hanging this picture. We've had it sitting in T's room for over two months, not knowing where to put it. So we decided some artwork above her nightstand would be cute and she loves it. I think. She's two, after all.

I've been on a hunt for artwork lately, but seeing as we're broke, it's probably not a good idea that I look. I think artwork is the best part about a person's home and ours is seriously lacking.What about you? Is your home filled with art? or photos? Have your eye on anything? We have a bunch of art we'd like to buy (mainly from etsy). Ahhh... Someday


  1. Oh man, I am obsessed with the art Brian made you! That is beautiful. He should make more stuff like that and you guys can sell it!

    1. Thank you so much! We are actually thinking of making a couple to sell-great minds think alike!


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