Apple Smasher

With Autumn right around the corner, my mind has turned to all things cozy. I'm excited for Starbucks pumpkin latte's, bonfire's, soups, and everything apple. So when our neighbor gifted us pears and apples from her organic fruit trees, I knew just what to do with them: applesauce!

We started by washing the apples and pears in our sink. You can spray them down with some natural veggie wash if you have it, but since most of the skins will be removed- I didn't worry about it. 

Then, we removed the skins from the apples and pears. The apples had a lot of spots or holes on them so we made sure to cut out any damaged areas. 

We sliced them into smallish pieces:

And T helped by putting all the pieces in the bowl. I think she ate about half of our bounty.

Then, we added some sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, and a little fresh squeezed lemon juice (not pictured).

We stirred everything together in a big pot. You'll notice below that a lot of the apples have skins on them. We didn't have enough of our neighbors fruit, so we added some of our own organic apples to the pot. To be honest, it was late and we were too lazy to cut the skins off. We also added some cranberry juice to make the sauce more moist. We cooked everything on low until the apples and pears were soft enough to smash.

So pretty. So very Fall.

After it was finished cooking, I used a potato masher to make the apple/pear sauce. I prefer my applesauce chunky, but if you don't, you could always use a food processor to smooth everything out. Then I bottled the applesauce up into mason jars and made a pretty tag for the one I was giving to my neighbor as a 'thank you' for the fruit. I got four full (12oz) mason jars of applesauce.

It turned out so good. I can't wait to take T apple picking so we can make more. I'm also planning on making apple muffins and apple pie. Anyone have any good apple recipes? or a recipe that feels Fall?

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