Try, Try Again.

I'll be the first to admit, I rarely get decorating right the first time. To me, it's all about trial and error. And that process is something that I love. I love the fact that no room in my home will ever be 'finished'. I'll never decorate and leave a room the exact same way for decades. I don't wear the same clothes, have the same hair, or like the same things from 10 years ago, so why should a room be any different? Which leads me to a little 'tweak' I made over the weekend. Our entry way was never really something to write home about. It's a little bland and a little not 'us'. The last time you saw it, it looked something like this:

It was okay. Nothing was offensive, but that table didn't really work for the space. It wasn't quite deep enough to hold anything and we already had so much wood tones going on in our living that this table kind of clashed. Plus, it only came up to my mid thigh, so it was way too short.
So when I saw a green metal industrial shelf at an estate sale, I was giddy. Even giddier when I saw the $7 price tag. I bought it not really thinking of our entry, but after a little trial and error- it has found it's new home!

I'm not sold on the green shelf, green mirror combo, but one of the two will probably be painted. This shelve is WAY better. It's taller (not more crouching), is deeper, and has three shelves instead of two. Imagine the possibilities! There is so much extra room, I can't wait to find some great items to fill it with! And the detailing isn't half bad either:

I love that it gives a more industrial vibe to our entryway. Metal shelves in decent shape are hard to come by for a good price, but I got lucky. All of our items fit way better on a shelf almost two times deeper than it's previous counterpart.

For now, it'll work. But who knows what I'll find down the road. All I know is that after seeing these pictures, our entry is in desperate need of some artwork! I'm thinking behind the coat rack, next to the door. I look forward to the process of finding items to fill my home with and the changes it will make for years to come. What about you? Do you decorate a room and call it done? Or are you like me, and are never satisfied? Change-love it or hate it?

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  1. What a great find! It looks awesome! I agree I love to change decorations/layout/furniture. It keeps things fresh!


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