B had the day off yesterday, so we spent it exactly how you think we would-improving our home and thrifting. We actually found some really great items AND one is for sale! You never know when you walk into a thrift store what you will find. Lots of times people get frustrated because they always say they never find anything. Lots of times I never find anything too. Thrifting and estate saling are all about persistence. People read this blog and always comment on how I find so many great pieces. What I don't blog about are all the sales I go to where I walk away empty handed (that would be a mighty boring blog post). So I tell people to keep trying and slow down. When you are at a thrift store, walk through it twice. The first time just gets all your excitement (what will there be?), anger (all this stuff is garbage), and sadness (there's nothing here) out of your system. The second time around lets you be more even keeled. You know what's two steps ahead so you are in no rush to get there. Take your time and scan the shelves. Look behind propped up artwork. Look on the very top and very bottom shelves. Every single item I bought yesterday I missed the first time around.

This is a very cool brass...something. I'm not quite sure what it was originally used for (anyone know?) but I think it would be so cute to set on an entry table to coral your keys. Or on a nightstand for hairpins, jewelry, etc. It's very heavy and quite big. 8x11


The next items are what B and I bought for the home. Both are crystal bowls with a silver plated rim. They are stunning in person and go perfectly with this one I already own. The first one is around 8.5'' diameter and the little one is about 5'' diameter

The smaller dish is currently sitting on the shelves by our kitchen window, and although that may not be a permanent placement, I love looking at the light sparkle through it. The bigger dish will probably be put away and saved for parties and dinners. Which I think is quite a shame, but I have no where to put it! Are there any items you have stored away that you wish could be displayed 24/7? Any plans to display something? And crystal and metal bowl collectors? Tell me I'm not the only one.

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