I've shown you our new chair and how we built our side table, now let me show you what we did with them. Our living room seems to be a rotation for furniture to come and go. Before the blog started, we changed our side table four times before we settled on the current one.  All of the option weren't bad, they just weren't 'it'. Sounds picky, and it may be, but these things are important to B and I. So when I found our leather ottoman, we thought we were satisfied. We thought we found a permanent solution to our lack of seating. When you last saw our living room, it looked like this:

And while we both LOVE the ottoman, it just wasn't right for the spot. It didn't give enough visual weight to that part of the room or help to define a seating area. We had no desire to change it anytime soon, but after finding the 'Grandma' chair, I gave the living room a quick switch while B was upstairs. It took all of two seconds. I didn't expect B to love it, but he came downstairs, stared at it for a minute and said, "Hmm...I like it." That was enough for me. He never gets overly enthusiastic about anything, so a 'I like it' is similar to me running around the house screaming with joy. So now our room looks like this:

Now, I am in no way an expert. Putting a chair here could totally be the wrong thing to do, but we like it and it works for us. We like that it defines the space better, and once we get a rug- hopefully it will all tie together nicely. Who am I kidding- I just like having another tabletop to decorate:

Have you ever made any rewarding five minute changes? Is your partner as excitable (not!) as mine?

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